Building a retirement houseboat in Shoreham from scratch

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How to hire a man and van in Liverpool

Liverpool is a large, thriving city that is just as diverse and full of opportunities as London or Glasgow. With a population of only 500,000, this city is far less dense than other large cities of its calibre. Additionally, Liverpool’s... View Article

The quickest way to book a plumber in Bournemouth

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Choosing the right storage company in Brixton

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A guide to plastering a period home

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Making loft conversions work

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The pros and cons of zonal planning

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Self-sufficient heating

Nicola Martin, Sales Manager at RadiWarm® makes the case for pipeless radiators. Homeowners are choosing modern pipeless radiators for their projects because they like their flexibility, low maintenance and cost-effectiveness.  For a long time they were used where extending the... View Article