Keller launches Cottage Life kitchen for a natural aesthetic

Natural materials are trending and rapidly growing in popularity, especially in styles that are charming and simplistic without feeling dated or old-fashioned. With this in mind, Keller is thrilled to announce the development of Cottage Life, the premier country style kitchen. Authenticity and... View Article

T Range: 6–42 persons

The T Range Biodigester is a total aeration sewage / waste water treatment plant manufactured in glassfibre (GRP) for simple underground installation. A small air blower is used to provide a supply of air so that naturally occurring micro-organisms grow and degrade... View Article

A helping hand from nature to become carbon negative

Keller Kitchens and parent group, DKG, are delighted to report that the ambition to be carbon negative during 2022 is well on track to becoming reality.  In addition to the numerous steps, measures and investments the business has taken to attain “manufacturer” carbon neutral status back in April 2017,... View Article

Lighter, brighter homes

Glass balustrades are one of the fastest-growing glazing products in Europe and F.H. Brundle have the widest range of innovative, stylish and installer-friendly, handrailing and balustrade ranges available. Homeowners, architects and product designers have striven to introduce as much transparent... View Article

Søren’s Scandi fashion house

A Danish minimalism-inspired renovation of a former fashion showroom in a prime west London site has resulted in a light, elegant home which has its owners’ sense of style, and a ‘Hygge’ feel TEXT TOM BODDY IMAGES RACHAEL SMITH, STÅLE... View Article

Ranch dressing

Animal lovers Jules Hamilton and Nigel Shore have extended and transformed a Suffolk bungalow, using traditional timber cladding and a ranch-style feel to help the home blend with its rural surroundings TEXT JESS UNWIN IMAGES NIGEL SHORE “Oh, you’re the... View Article

Jarvis specifies Earthborn paints

Jarvis Homes, a family company for more than 250 years, set out to improve the sustainability of its building processes and specified Earthborn paints for its Chequers Green development near Ashford. Russell Jarvis, company director, said “We switched to Earthborn... View Article

Take your stairs for a spin

Michael Edwards of Complete Stair Systems shares his expert advice on choosing a spiral staircase for your new build or refurbishment project With so many choices available, choosing a spiral staircase can seem like a daunting task, but it is... View Article

Let your walls breathe

If you’re building a new house, or an extension, you want to bring each room into use as as soon as possible. Painting the newly built walls is often the last step in a long process that you want to... View Article

The trails all lead home

Calum and Gladys Trail looked at a lot of options for pursuing a self-build, and they managed to find the answer under their noses, on their existing site in the north east of Scotland TEXT TOM BODDY IMAGES NEIL GORDON... View Article

Get in to shape – and colour

The retro look of steel windows, doors and screens is very much ‘in’. Crittall says they don’t have to be just rectangular and white… Interior designers and home decor influencers say retro naturalistic greens, bright colours, sky-blues, purple-blue hues, vibrant... View Article

Home Styling – Mastering 
bedroom bliss

Bedrooms should be a place to relax and rejuvenate. Rob Lessmann from interior design studio Design’d Living explains how to create the perfect master bedroom ambience We spend a lot of our time in a bedroom, so it is imperative... View Article

A concrete idea for efficient builds

Chris Stride from the Insulating Concrete Formwork Association explains why this type of modern method of construction could provide the answers for your self-build when it comes to speed, efficiency and air-tightness Building your home can be a challenging task.... View Article