Breathe easy

Jay Vitale of Air For Life looks at the essential importance of indoor air quality, and the practical considerations around purification systems, while addressing common self-builder concerns to help you breathe easier Building a home from scratch is a rewarding... View Article

Variety is the spice of self-build facades

Combining cladding with stone, brick and other materials on your exterior can give your home added character and create a strong aesthetic statement, as Lisa Grosse from Cedral explains While brick is widely used for residential exteriors in urban settings,... View Article

Changing the game with Origami

For Hugh and Karen, the obvious response to improving a 1980s house near Stirling was to extend, however in the end a full ground floor reconfiguration with a ‘folded’ appearance was a game changer, creating ‘the Origami House’ TEXT NIK... View Article

Time to turn off the gas

When choosing a heating system for your new-build project, it’s now time to move away from the previous default option of a conventional gas boiler. James Chaplin of Mitsubishi Electric says that UK’s net zero target is just one reason... View Article

The power of daylight

David Clarke of IDSystems explains the transformative power of bringing abundant natural light into the home, and how innovative glazing solutions are reshaping our modern living spaces Over the past decade, there has been a substantial shift in the way... View Article

Form follows

Simon and Jo Morris made over their home in Hitchin with their architect, transforming it from an open-plan layout to a set of distinct, harmonious spaces that worked better for their growing family TEXT TOM BODDY IMAGES JWB ARCHITECTS In... View Article

Selfbuilder Diaries

Film editor Ollie Stothert and his wife’s biggest production yet saw them write a new script to transform a site in Buckinghamshire “And…Action!” – these words have defined my career as a film editor. Little did we anticipate that these... View Article

The lowdown on natural flooring

Crucial Trading’s Scott Hosie walks you through the different looks and feels of natural flooring materials for each part of your home, to achieve a mix of healthy as well as characterful spaces When determining the interior design scheme for... View Article

How AI tools could transform your renovation project

Victoria Brocklesby, COO at Origin, the UK’s leading manufacturer of aluminium doors and windows, talks to us about the AI tools that can help you effectively manage your renovation or selfbuild project.  Managing a renovation project without the help of... View Article

Seeing the light

Sally and David Jensen love their Edwardian home, so they found extra space for their growing family with a clever rear extension TEXT ALEXANDRA PRATT IMAGES LUKE WELLER/MITCHELL & CORTI Sally and David bought their Edwardian mid-terrace home in 2018.... View Article

Exterior Inspiration: Outdoor Living

A home’s outdoor space serves as a private sanctuary, offering an opportunity to step outside and immerse yourself in nature. With that in mind, explore our curated selection of exterior products which we hope will inspire you and infuse character... View Article

Affordable warmth

LISTEN HERE Dean Asher from Polypipe Building Products uncovers the sustainability and practicality advantages of underfloor heating for modern homes As carbon emissions are an increasing concern for homeowners and with the cost-of-living crisis not easing up anytime soon, many... View Article

Home Styling – Open up your home to a world of colour

LISTEN HERE Whether building a house from scratch or renovating a period property, choosing colour is intrinsic to creating the spaces you desire. Dawn Scott of Dulux Trade explains how to create a colour scheme which closely reflects your personality... View Article

Open to alternatives to open-plan living

LISTEN HERE Ben Brocklesby of Origin offers his advice to self-builders looking to create more functional floor plans, which move away from open-plan to ‘broken-plan’  The way we use our homes has changed significantly in the past three years. The... View Article

11 luxury kitchen trends for 2024 from Laminam

As many homeowners start to plan updates to their existing kitchen or begin researching new designs for a renovation, knowing what trends are predicted for 2024 can help inspire materials, styles, products and colours to give the space the ‘wow’... View Article

Interior Inspiration: Bedrooms

Given the need to provide both comfort and functionality, crafting a well-designed bedroom can prove to be quite a challenge. Here we present a collection of products to assist you in creating a truly inviting and efficient sanctuary that you... View Article

Splashes of colour in the bathroom

Sophie Weston of Geberit explores some of the current interior styling trends – and how they can be recreated in your bathroom People across the UK have adopted an ‘improve not move’ mindset this year as they make more savvy... View Article

The future of green space heating

As the nation strives towards hitting net zero carbon emissions by 2050, the Heat Pump Association outlines the benefits and considerations for adopting heat pumps in our homes, and looks at current Government incentives Heat pumps are becoming increasingly popular... View Article

Open up the potential for big savings

Rachael Munby from Anglian Home Improvements shares her insights on how switching to energy efficient windows could help homeowners save up to £1,800 on their energy bills – while adding greater value to properties With the cost of living showing... View Article