Step-by-step wall tiles revamp with V33

– Plus Stencilling Idea – 

Painting wall tiles in either the bathroom or the kitchen instead of ripping them out and replacing them is a great money-saving tip. Timeless shades in the V33 Renovation Wall Tile & Panelling paint range are ideal for this easy DIY project. Designed for use on tiles or panelling, these paints love water and have been developed to renovate high moisture surfaces including kitchen splashbacks and even bathroom showers.
V33’s Aquaresist technology creates a durable, waterproof barrier that resists condensation and repeated exposure to water.

The paints in this range are ultra-washable and require no undercoat when applying to most surfaces.

 Here is a step-by-step guide to application on wall tiles with a suggestion too for using stencilling to achieve a highly personalised finished look.

1.    Preparation.

* Preparation of the surfaces is essential. Wash the surface with a soda-based or sugar soap (alkaline) cleaner, focusing on the grouting. For ceramic tiles, wall and border tiles or glass bricks – after washing, rinse thoroughly and then allow to dry.  Carefully clean the tile grouting with an abrasive sponge or brush to remove any residual cleaning products or any traces of mould. Remove any silicone sealant before painting and then reseal after application of the paint.

2.    Application.

* Apply the paint at room temperature between 12 and 25 degrees centigrade and avoid draughts.

* Empty the additive (the sachet that is placed under the lid of the tin) into the paint. Stir the paint for 5 minutes, working around the bottom of the tin with a wide stick to mix it well.

* Work on small surfaces such as corners or angles using a round edged paint brush.

* Apply from one end of the tiles to the other using a 4-5mm short pile roller, then follow with successive brush strokes.

* Do not start a second coat while the first is drying. Leave to dry for 6 hours and apply a second coat in the same way. A third coat may be required depending on the surface and colour.

3.    Stencilling.

If you decide to use stencilling on your tiles, here is how to do that:


* Apply two coats of a base colour following the steps above.

* Simply cut out your desired pattern in paper and stick the paper onto the dried, painted surface using a temporary fix such as masking tape that won’t harm the surface. 

* Using a 4-5mm short pile roller, paint over the paper stencil in a toning or contrasting shade.

* Using a round edged paint brush, touch up any areas that may require attention.

* Leave to dry for six hours.

V33 Renovation Wall Tile & Panelling paint is available through B&Q and Screwfix in the following shades: White, Cotton, Soft Grey, Powder Pink, Lagoon Blue and Charcoal Grey. The paint is priced at around £27 for a 750ml tub and around £40 for the 2L option. The former is enough to cover 10 square metres with 2 coats and the latter covers 24 square metres with 2 coats.