Reducing gas heating bills with Defra-exempt wood burning stoves for smoke control areas

This package is designed with housebuilders and developers in mind. Uniquely the stove and chimney package are from the same manufacturer and of the highest possible ratings, which allow you to reduce the need for gas for heating.

One of the things that turns people off wood burning stoves is negotiating the potential headaches around chimney and flue preparation and smoke control areas. Is your chimney right for the kind of stove you want? Do you have one at all? Are you allowed to burn smoke producing fuel where you live? Sometimes it’s just easier to go with an alternative.

But there’s nothing that can replace the convenience and romance of a wood burning stove, so Schiedel Chimney Systems Ltd have devised a comprehensive package that means you can plan for a stunning stove when designing or refreshing your home.

Complete stove AND chimney package, designed for house builders and developers – no additional parts or materials needed and a stunning reduction in the reliance on gas and electricity for heating.

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