Why not all sliding doors are the same…

Over the past five years sliding doors have replaced bifold doors as the must-have option for glazed doors on extension, renovation and self-build home projects across the UK.

Whilst bifold doors still have a place for smaller openings, the huge glass panels and minimal frames that sliding doors benefit from make them the ideal solution for the year-round Great British weather, not just the occasional warm sunny day in summer.

With the growth of sliding doors the market has been flooded with a range of door systems of varying quality and performance, making it harder than ever for those planning a self-build project to identify which doors are best for them – so what sets theEDGE2.0 from IDSystems apart from other sliding doors?

20mm frames and no chunky reinforcing profile

When it comes to judging a truly slim sliding door the depth of the frame matters just as much as the width. Not only does theEDGE2.0 enjoy incredibly narrow 20mm frame widths, it doesn’t need the chunky reinforcing profile that other sliding doors require, meaning the doors look incredibly slim whichever angle they are viewed from, not just straight on. Learn more

Designed to incorporate trickle vents

Building Regulations Part F changed in 2022, meaning pretty much every set of sliding doors, that are installed in homes without mechanical ventilation, need to include trickle vents to allow for background ventilation. Two years on and there are still systems on the market that cannot achieve this meaning you could be left with the project that fails a building control sign off upon completion. Learn more

Infinite choice of configurations

No sliding door system available offers a wider range of configuration and design options than theEDGE2.0. With a choice from 1-8 panels, openings up to a massive 24m across, panels that can be designed to slide into a pocket behind the wall or a system created to open up a corner of a room without needing a post, the system is completely unrivalled – meaning you get the doors you want, in the configuration that perfectly suits your home. Learn more

High performance running gear

There is no point opting for sliding doors with large panes of glass if the doors are too heavy to operate. Unlike some systems on the market which use nylon wheels, theEDGE2.0 is manufactured with high-performance stainless steel running gear to ensure the doors operate effortlessly, time-after-time and year-after-year. It is attention to detail and little upgrades like this that show IDSystems’ 24 years of sliding door development. Learn more

For more information about theEDGE2.0 or to simply have a chat or video call about the glazing requirements for your project call IDSystems on 01603 408804 or info(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign)idsystems.co.uk.