Ventilation is the key to a healthy indoor climate

Better insulation and airtight construction are key for energy saving, but fresh air supply and extraction of stale and moist air are essential for a healthy living environment.

From design to implementation, we help our customers to create comfortable and healthy homes. Providing fresh pure air at home with our smart complete solution.

As the only manufacturer that produces all parts completely in the house, we can offer you the full roof to room solution.

  1. Ubiflux MVHR Units – Passivhaus accredited compact and lightweight ventilation units.
  2. Air Excellent ductwork – Semi rigid microbial ductwork ensuring a cleaner system for longer.
  3. Aerfoam ductwork – Fully insulated and airtight ducting system.
  4. Roof and wall terminals – for flat and pitched roofs, insulated, and non-insulated.
  5. Haelix valves – aesthetically pleasing designs.

From our unique position we can provide you with quickly accessible, accurate and reliable data about our ventilation systems. By selecting Ubbink as your supplier you can ensure to get all the below for your project:

  • Low velocity, reducing cross talk between rooms.
  • Low pressure loss with a fully airtight system, maximising the performance of your system.
  • Full control to meet your household behaviours via a touch screen display.
  • Easy maintenance to keep your system working efficiently.

Think smart before you start!

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