Top tips for keeping your shed in tip top condition this winter

Throughout the summer, shed doors are opened on a seemingly daily basis as we complete our constant stream of garden chores; getting out tools, watering cans and hoses, furniture, lawnmowers and everything else the Aladdin’s Cave of gardens can hold. But in winter, everything gets locked away and it can be months before the shed is used again.

Some simple, but effective, steps can be taken to help prepare for this time, when the weather and outdoor elements can take their toll on the condition of your shed.

Start with a thorough inspection, look for any signs of wear and tear and work out what repair work might need doing.

1. Check the roof from both the outside and in. Make sure there are no chipped or slipped tiles, and that the lining doesn’t have holes that will let water in.

2. Look for any signs of damp or mould. This will only get worse with the cold weather so gently remove any patches with a diluted bleach solution. Open the door and window when you can to let air circulate. 

3. Make sure the guttering, if you have any, is all connected properly, and that any rain water runoff will be directed away from the shed.

4. Inspect the doors and windows; making sure the wood is in good condition, and isn’t damaged, and that the seals are all intact with no gaps. This is also a good time to replace any broken or cracked window panes that you’ve been ignoring! Be sure to give any hinges and latches a good oiling too.

5. It’s vital to clear any debris, not just from the roof but from all around the shed, and to do this on a regular basis. Excess weight on the roof can cause damage, and a build-up of leaves around the base can cause unwelcome damp and rot.

Richard Frost, managing director of The Posh Shed Company, has been building sheds for more than 20 years so knows the perils winter can bring.

“It’s perhaps too early to predict how severe this winter will be, but if it’s anything like last year then sheds and gardens could be in for a battering! Fortunately, Posh Sheds are built to last, and we use only the highest quality materials – but being an outdoor product made of wood some extra TLC doesn’t go amiss. Most issues won’t be a problem for Posh Shed customers but off the shelf sheds bought elsewhere often need extra care to ensure they survive winter, protect their contents and still look great the following spring!”