Top tips for building with structural timber

Structural timber really is a great option for selfbuild projects as it has a whole host of advantages over other building materials: it’s sustainable, economical, thermally efficient and can be constructed quickly. Here are some top tips to help you on your self build journey using structural timber.

Why should I purchase from a manufacturer?

One of the main benefits is the systems are manufactured off-site which allows for controlled, precision engineering to exacting standards and in line with quality assurance procedures.

Will my completed home have low running costs?

High levels of thermal insulation are relatively easy to achieve with structural timber systems, meaning your home is energy efficient with low running costs.

Is it quicker to build than traditional methods?

The panels/kits can be delivered to site ‘just in time’ upon completion of site foundations, with then just a couple of weeks required to erect the house to the wind and watertight stage.

Are there accredited manufacturers?

The Structural Timber Association (STA) is the go-to trade association for information on structural timber systems in the UK. Its Quality Assurance Scheme can help you chose a supplier, confident in the knowledge that they will have been subject to a rigorous independent audit process.

Are all systems the same?

There are two main systems – timber frame and SIPS, so make sure you understand the benefits of both. STA have specialist members for both types of system.

Is structural timber restrictive on design?

There are no limitations to structural timber designs with versatility being a key benefit. Also there are a wide range of finishes that can be used to give your selfbuild that individual look.

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