The rising trend of lifts in homes

Stannah Lifts offer expertise in creating beautiful lifts in private homes, from contemporary glass to matching period charm, with a wide range of lifts to fit – whatever the size or space.

In recent years, increasingly people are choosing to buy and build homes to live in for many years to come, with many introducing lifts to cater for their future. People looking for their forever home want to ensure the house is future-proofed to cover every stage of life. The rise of futureproofing and the trend for building high specification luxury homes sees developers and owners alike including the convenience of a lift.


A lift is an ultimate statement, a lifestyle choice and useful addition. This luxury not only boosts the price of a home but also makes it more attractive, creating a one-of-a-kind focal point.

Lifts provide a fantastic practical purpose, for many, continuing to live in the same house as they age is important, as is the ease of moving groceries between floors and it’s not just people-moving lifts that play their role. As the trend grows for new townhouses with several floors, service lifts (or dumbwaiters) are regaining popularity due to their smallness and installation ease.


Homes come in all shapes and sizes — and so do lifts. In a new dwelling, a lift can be incorporated as part of the design. In an existing home, there is a need to place the lift around the current house layout. The choices are endless and broadly fall into these categories:

  • Passenger Lifts: The luxury option due to size, speed and range of car finishes. However, as they do require a lift shaft and substantial building works they are best suited to very large properties.
  • Platform Lifts: A broad spectrum of choice with lift cars and traditional platforms Taking up to 5 people, these lifts come in their own structure so require less building work but retain the visual appeal of their bigger passenger lift cousins. Perfect for large-medium properties.
  • Through-floor lifts: up to two people travel between the ground and first floor, best suited to smaller spaces.
  • Service lifts and dumbwaiters: transporting food, groceries and goods between floors, ideal for properties with three or more floors, or where the kitchen, garage or dining area are on different levels.


Narrow your search and consider if it will take people or goods, how many floors of travel and space you have. Along with a few further considerations:

  • When planning new developments, speak to the lift company to help find the perfect product.
  • For an existing home, get a lift survey to identify the best solution based on the available space.
  • Choosing the style of the lift, from glass shafts, custom walls, door options, to bespoke flooring. Make your lift a sleek and stylish addition as well as a life-long practical choice.
  • Lift installations will likely require building work, depending on the type.


With a broad range of lifts for self-build, high-end housing or other builds we’ve been involved in a variety of projects. See our private housing case studies – 


Whatever your requirement, Stannah can supply all these product types. To enable an easy decision, we guide you through the complete process. With your perfect lift chosen, installation is a few days, then it is ready for use — with the reassurance of local service, nationwide. The possibilities of home lifts are endless, taking homeowners, family and guests, or goods, around a home.

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