The new 2024 Colour of the Year by PPG-Johnstone’s trade

Johnstone’s Trade has announced the PPG Voice of Colour 2024 Colour of the Year: Limitless (PPG1091-3), a fresh, warm hue that is a recognisable primary colour with the confidence of a saturated pastel. This modern honey beige offers excellent design and styling possibilities for engaging, wellbeing-focused commercial interiors.

Along with the 2024 Colour of the Year, our PPG and Johnstone’s Trade colour experts have created the 2024 colour trends palette of more than 40 complementary hues, organised in three distinct palettes, or “Volumes”. “Volume I” features soft, grounded colours; “Volume II” includes earthy greens, florals, and energising blues; and “Volume III” is a beautiful mix of playful and dramatic colours.

Limitless reflects a shift in preferences towards warmer, less saturated colours and is both sophisticated and subdued. This is a colour that can be used to add balance to a design, especially when used with one or more of the other 2024 Volume I, II, III trend palette colours.

Because Limitless pairs equally well with warm and cool tones, our colour experts recommend using it anywhere and everywhere as the driving force behind new designs. Within commercial interiors, it is ideal for full wall designs or even subtle, light and airy accent areas as it interacts with the senses without distracting or over-stimulating. For maximum impact, our colour experts recommend painting unconventional places, such as both ceilings and walls for top-to-bottom blending of all surfaces.

“Think of Limitless as a fresh and energizing take on those cooler, neutral tones popular in the past. It’s versatile enough to be used as an all over colour, or can equally support bolder colour choice where a more invigorating pop of interest is required. Limitless is also perfect for exterior use on masonry, door & trim surfaces, creating a resimercial atmosphere that immediately puts users at ease. Limitless is as adaptable as its name implies, solidifying the popularity of warmer pastels for the year to come.” Donna Taylor – colour design manager

The 2024 colour of the year and the colour trends are selected by PPG’s global colour team from our Voice Of Colour Core Collection. The team of colour experts work across all of PPG’s business units including Architectural Coatings, Automotive, Aerospace and Consumer Goods, to provide a well-rounded view on the cultural and social shifts which then influence the final colour forecast.

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