Survey reveals that UK’s 2022 interior design decisions will be driven by comfort and function

In 2022, interior design decisions will be driven by a desire for function, comfort, and the ability to relax, according to a survey carried out by one of the UK’s leading boutique architecture practices.

1,200 people were surveyed by Urbanist Architecture – a multidisciplinary interior design and architecture firm. 37% of respondents said their style will be driven by ‘function’, whilst 28% of people used the word ‘comfortable’ to describe the feel they wanted from their home.

Just 1.8% of people want their home’s design to be driven by the latest gadgets, indicating a shift away from technological needs to the desire to switch off.

Mark Morris, planning consultant and comms manager at Urbanist Architecture, said:

“We were surprised by the results of the survey. We have all spent more time at home than ever before due to COVID, but this shows a direct impact of the pandemic on our design choices, indicating a clear intention to make our homes as cosy and relaxing as possible.

I think the key point here is that when we open the door to our homes, we want to step in and feel like we can switch off from the external stresses, and interior design is one of the best ways to achieve this – it has such an impact on our wellbeing.”

Interior design in 2022 will also centre around bringing the natural world indoors, with ‘nature’ being cited as the second largest driver of interior style (31%), and ‘plants’ being referred to as a favourite accessory in the home at a whopping 43%.

Mark continued:

“Green and natural tones will be blended into interiors in a soft way, via the use of plants and timber-reeded walls. A whole green room can be a bit daunting – and the results of the survey suggest that 42% of people want their colours to be muted – so adding some accent colours in the form of a sofa or painting may be the way forward.”

Pinterest has seen searches for green interior inspiration increase by 80% this year, as we embrace green tones.

Hardwood flooring remains a favourite floor covering choice, with 57% of people preferring the material, with just 3% of home decorators favouring tiles.

Large windows top the list of features in the home, with a third of people choosing it as their favourite, closely followed by a fireplace (26%). 10% of people said they would like a porch for their home.