Southern Sheeting introduces Trex Composite Decking

Trex is easy to install and will be a major selling point for any home, for owners, visitors and even buyers. Check out Southern Sheeting’s video to learn more.

Trex Composite Decking comes with a guarantee of 25 years for residential use, so once you’ve ordered your materials from Southern Sheeting and put in the hard work to install it, you won’t need to replace it any time soon.

This makes it a cost-effective solution thanks to its long-lasting qualities.

Trex is so durable because it features the most hardwearing surface finish of any wood plastic composite decking product on the market.

This tough plastic cap is fade, stain, mould and scratch resistant, so you will never need to repaint or stain your decking area ever again.

The boards themselves will not rot, twist or splinter as a traditional timber deck will.

It simply requires a hosing down once a year to remove any build-up of dirt and algae.

Further benefits

Trex boasts fantastic eco credentials – the company hasn’t felled a single tree to create its decking in its 20-year history.

Did you know composite materials are less slippery when wet making them much safer for children and pets?

Trex looks so much like real timber you would be hard pushed to spot the difference. Colours include Spiced Rum, Toasted Sand and Tiki Torch, as well as Rocky Harbour, Lava Rock and many more.

Another feature is that it is customisable. It can be laid in different patterns and configurations – and contrasting colours can be used in the design.

Installation advice

Trex is laid in the same way as a timber deck, but Southern Sheeting would advise you to check the installation guidelines first. It comes with a range of Trex accessories.

If you’re thinking about installing your own Trex Composite Decking area, here are some key points to consider from Southern Sheeting:

  • Always ensure correct end gapping (this includes mitred corners)
  • Never over-span joist centres of your sub-frame (400mm max on domestic projects)
  • Never use just one fixing clip to secure two boards at a butt joint
  • Cut the ends of the boards before installation

Trex Composite Decking is perfect for a contemporary and luxury garden.

Check out Southern Sheeting’s video to find out more