Southern Sheeting explains why composite is better than timber fencing

Most self-builders will look at upfront costs, price of materials and installation costs for a new fence. But it’s important to examine the long-term costs too, advises Southern Sheeting.

Composite fencing like Southern Sheeting’s Bison Fencing range comes with a higher upfront cost than most standard timber fences, but the costs over the lifetime of a wooden fence can make them much more expensive to maintain long term.

Wooden fences require staining and painting every year, while paying for repairs and replacements can throw up a sudden and unwelcome bill.

The cost of wooden fencing also varies depending on the type of wood you choose.

Wood can be 50 per cent more cost-effective than composite – but cheaper is not always better.


Installation costs for composite fencing can be a bit pricier than wooden fences if you decide to pay for someone else to do the work.

The average cost for installing composite is £12-£42 per foot whereas a wooden fence is around £8-£20 per foot as a rough guide.


Composite fencing has a modern look which is UV resistant.

This means there will be minimal fading to the original colour of your fence over time.

It will still look great in years to come without the hassle of painting or staining.

Composite fencing like Southern Sheeting’s Bison Fencing range comes in a variety of colours too.

Wooden fences boast a more natural and traditional look. They can be painted to a variety of colours, but after a year or two the fence may start to look tired.


Timber fences will deteriorate over time without maintenance.

To prolong the life of the fence, frequent treatments must be carried out which are costly and time consuming.

Staining the fence helps to protect it from long term damage from moisture and sunlight. Painting will achieve this too, but less effectively. It will also prevent rotting, fungus and mould growth.

However composite systems like Southern Sheeting’s Bison Fencing are virtually maintenance free. It only needs an occasional wash down with water, is fade resistant and won’t be affected by rot or mould. The aluminium posts will not warp or rot and are very attractive.

In the long run composite fences make sense due to their durability and beautiful aesthetic.

Check out Southern Sheeting’s video to find out more