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wedi is already well known for its innovative solutions for showers and bathrooms but perhaps it is less known that wedi is a certified EcoProfit operation for almost 15 years. The brand’s responsibility to people and the environment is second to none in the construction industry and especially amongst XPS manufacturers. Its environmental management system is certified in accordance with ISO 14001, whilst its comittment to sustainable handling of energy and resources seen its energy management system recertified as ISO 50001 in 2018.

Building materials will be present in buildings for decades thus the choice of material should be given careful consideration. Using the best quality sustainable building materials will ensure that the building will be kind to the environment throughout its life span. wedi contributes to this mission, by offering eco-friendly modular systems for the renovation or building of bathrooms and/or wet rooms.

Ecologically responsible products

The blue XPS core of wedi sub-construction elements is manufactured with an environmentally friendly propellant agent and is recycled around the clock meaning that every element is made of at least 25% recycled foam. Furthermore, they are lightweight whilst at the same time, robust and and most importantly produce very little dust when worked on.

Environmental Product Declarations show a product‘s environmental footprint: the components of wedi elements, the XPS foam core, the cement coating and the glass fibre reinforcement, have their own EPDs. The 100% waterproof, thermally insulating, directly tileable components together with industry famous wedi sealing accessories provide unrivalled system security and freedom of individual design.

Completely recyclable materials

What is more, wedi has recently introduced a brand new product line into its standard product range. The wedi Top Line is comprising minimalism and environmental awareness – as seamless, ready-to-use surface design elements they not only provide a sleek, modern finish but they are made of a unique mineral composite: a mixture of 50% resin and 50% stone powder derived of old, recycled materials such as frames, pipes, textiles and waste of marble fabrications for example.

The wedi Top Line boasts large format wall panelling (Top Wall), one-piece shower tray finishes for floor-level showers (Fundo Top), pre-formed design solutions for cladding of shower seats (Sanoasa Top) or niches (Sanwell Top) and toilet cistern cladding for wall hung toilets (I-Board Top). They are not only eco-friendly but their characteristics such as the antibacterial surface, warm feel and excellent slip resistance along with their natural feel make them a perfect complement to use on top of wedi sub construction elements.

For environmentally-friendly projects that don’t sacrifice quality or style – choose wedi throughout

Whatever the project, the wedi product range has the right solution. Safeguarding the structure beneath, wedi sub-construction elements are 100% waterproof to the core offering the best thermal (0.036Wm/K) and vertical load-bearing (133kg/m2) capabilities amongst other foam tilebackers on the market. They can be directly tiled onto or designed with the use of innovative design surfaces from the wedi Top Line. Choosing the latter, will not only keep grout lines to the minimum but thanks to the low heat-conductivity of the material, will also keep bathroom surface condenstation to the very minimum further protecting against mould and fungi and promoting hygiene throughout the bathroom.

Unlike a moisture retardant plaster board, wedi needs no additional waterproofing or tanking and wedi building boards can also be directly bonded onto stud frames without the need of mechanical fixing – the number of required steps during installation and hence the risk of errors and subsequent leaks are therefore significantly reduced!

The excellent thermal properties of wedi elements contribute to the energy effieciency of the bathroom – improving heating systems response time by at least 70%!

wedi products are manufactured with 100% green energy!

Depending on the complexity of design, a whole bathroom can be built in 4-6 hours, tiled the very next day and ready to use on day 3 at the very latest.

The whole bathroom fully sealed and insulated without any concern of compatibility. This is wedi – simple, safe and functional offering an unrivalled peace of mind.

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