Save money on your kitchen revamp with V33

V33 Renovation Paint Allows You to Paint Cupboards AND Worktops

Many people are wise to the tip of repainting kitchen cupboards instead of buying new ones in order to save money. But there is still the question of what to do with a tatty worktop. Now, you can save money here too. A paint from V33 that is formulated for use on worktops as well as cupboards means the whole job is covered. There is no need to fork out for a new surface, which can be expensive. And the finish achieved is not just hardwearing but looks fantastic too.

With TeflonTM technology, V33 Renovation Cupboard & Worktop paint prevents culinary and domestic staining, and allows regular and easy cleaning without altering the colour and finish of the paint. Its complex combination of exclusive polymers means it’s highly resistant to heat, scratches, knocks, water and humidity. All of which means it’s a sensible choice for worktops in addition to imparting a stunning, professional-looking finish to kitchen cabinetry.

With testers available, you can choose from the following colours:  White, Cotton, three shades of Grey, Agave Green, Petrol Blue and Quartz Black. V33 Renovation Cupboard & Worktop paint’s high level of adhesion means it can be applied direct to surfaces without having to use an undercoat.

The paint is easy to apply using a roller for main areas and a round-edged brush for angles and corners. This renovation task is easy enough for even novice DIYers to take on. Sold through B&Q and Screwfix in 0.75L and 2L pack options, the former is priced at around £27 and provides 10m2 of coverage.

Also included in the V33 Renovation range are paints for wall tiles, floor tiles, radiators and appliances such as refrigerators and dishwashers meaning you can refresh all of your kitchen without breaking the bank buying replacement items.

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