Protect and colour outdoor cladding, window frames & doors with V33 high protection woodstain

Longer days and better weather mean that now is the perfect time to turn your attention to you home’s exterior woodwork. Time spent now properly protecting it means it will be shielded from the worst that Autumn and Winter can throw at it, saving you repair time and money in the long run. In particular, you need to make sure external woodwork is waterproof and protected from mould, mildew and pests that cause rot. In addition, the timber should be shielded from the effects of repeated exposure to sunlight, which can damage it. Applying a decent woodstain is the effective way of creating a barrier, which protects the wood from water and the sun. If you also have a certain colour tone in mind for your external woodwork, then woodstain is ideal for achieving it.

If you are looking for a woodstain to protect and decorate outdoor cladding, window frames or doors, make sure you select one offering good longevity. V33’s new High Protection Woodstain with its 8-year guarantee offers supreme protection in a translucent finish that enhances exterior timber and is smooth and simple to apply.

With a non-drip, quick-drying formulation, it’s suitable for most woods, hard and soft, new or old, and can be applied over most existing woodstains. Its formulation makes it flexible with wood movement. This great quality woodstain is water-repellent and has UV filters, making it ideal for outdoor woods that are exposed to bad weather conditions or lots of sun.

V33 High Protection Woodstain is available in six colours, including Clear, Light Oak, Medium Oak, Dark Oak, Mahogany and an attractive grey shade called Charcoal. Most colours are formulated in both satin and matt finishes. Available from B&Q in 750ml and 2.5L tubs, the woodstain is priced at £17 and  £32 respectively with 750ml enough to cover 9m2 and 2.5L enough to cover 30m2.

Further information can be found at and V33 can also be found on Facebook/Instagram.

For over sixty years, the V33 group has been committed to manufacturing high quality innovative solutions enhancing all interior or exterior surfaces, from floor to ceiling.   V33 is a leading brand in Europe, particularly in France, where it has already garnered a great reputation for high quality products. Here in the UK there are two V33 Group brands: Liberon and V33.