New Haddonstone bollards: Illuminate any outside space

The new Ball Bollard and Classic Bollard lighting products from cast stone specialist, Haddonstone, have been developed to edge residential lawns, paths and driveways.  Versatile and robust, they can also serve as both guidance and protection solutions for hotels, schools, hospitals and other public buildings.

Both designs are manufactured in Haddonstone’s TecLite material – a durable reinforced, reconstituted stone that closely resembles natural stone in appearance. 

The Ball Bollard is based on the manufacturer’s traditional cast stone balls and can be specified with either a hard-wired 240-volt or 12-volt power supply.  The light fitting itself is fully waterproof and manufactured in a choice of Marine Grade 316 stainless steel or in solid brass, while the low-energy LED lamp is offered in a warm white.  With a diameter of 330mm or 13”, the Ball Bollard weighs 36kg, making it sturdy enough to withstand strong winds and pedestrian contact.

Meanwhile, the versatile Classic Bollard is manufactured in Haddonstone’s TecLite material.  Solar powered, it features an aluminium and polycarbonate light fitting and is available in silver or black, with warm white ES/E27 LED lamps, and with panels made from high quality monocrystalline.  The Classic Bollard, including the light fitting, is 960mm tall and 210mm wide and weighs a sturdy 22kg.

Designed to function reliably in wet climates and on the longest nights, the efficient long-life lithium-ion batteries charge and manage their energy via a built-in dimming sequence from dusk, ranging from 100% down to 30%, effectively helping to reduce energy usage.  

The two new lighting bollard designs are available in a range of stylish colours to suit modern and traditional gardens, landscapes and other outside settings.