Need a complete bathroom solution? We’ve got you covered with our comprehensive systems especially developed for timber floors

Insulation is at the centre of sustainable energy and is extremely important to incorporate into renovation projects. wedi‘s wide range of products and system solutions provide a systemised insulation for wet areas, so there is no need to ensure compatibility of different brands or worry about security of the installation.

Most people associate walk-in-showers with prestigious hotels, but their popularity is on the rise amongst UK homeowners as well. However it is imperative to evaluate between different brands when it comes to suspended timber floors! wedi is always at the cutting edge of innovation, offering three different solutions for creating stylish wet rooms on wooden floors.

There are two solutions available for direct tiling (no priming required): both wedi Fundo Ligno and Fundo RioLigno shower elements fit and sit flush in the wooden flooring, without having to cut into floor joists or build up further floor height. With their outer edges of just 20mm and 25mm respectively, keeping safety at focus, both shower trays are fitted with a support plate on the underside reinforcing the area around the drain opening to provide unrivalled peace of mind within the moisture sensitive and ever moving timber floor.

A similar solution to the aforementioned shower elements is the Fundo Top Slim-Kit. It combines a high-quality Fundo Top ready-to-use mineral surface with a tried and tested Fundo shower element. Its main character is the low construction height of the entire system – the combined height of these two elements is only 30 mm. This unique combination offers a high degree of flexibility during installation: it can be easily cut to required dimensions and can be installed either on top of or flush with the existing substrate including suspended timber floors. Skirting strips for cladding of the visible edges on step-up shower installations plus accessories for adhesion and sealing are all included in the kit.

Uniquely, all wedi Fundo shower elements have a sealing set developed especially for the all-round sealing of their perimeters and a 360˚ dry-fit drain technology that offers reassurance of their use in/on wooden floors. Furthermore, to eliminate any possibility of failure, wedi offers drain-substructure elements for wooden floor installations to aid reliable support and accurate aligning of the drain.

Seamless design surfaces are the best solutions for tackling condensation on bathroom surfaces to further protect against mould and fungi development. The recently introduced wedi Top Line boasts wall panelling, shower tray finishes and pre-formed Top solutions for cladding of shower seats, niches and for toilet cistern cladding for wall hung toilets. Their characteristics such as the antibacterial surface and excellent slip resistance (R11) along with their warm feel make them a perfect complement to use on top of wedi sub construction elements.

Sufficient insulation of bathroom floor and wall surfaces is imperative. wedi building boards are famous for their suitability to be directly bonded onto timber or metal stud frames without the need for mechanical fixing. They are not only 100% waterproof to the core, decoupling, but also have the best thermal conductivity of 0.036W/mK amongst tiling substrates and building boards on the UK market and can be either tiled directly onto or plastered. Unlike a moisture retardant plaster board, wedi needs no additional waterproofing or tanking! The number of required steps during installation and hence the risk of errors and subsequent leaks are therefore significantly reduced. So why not couple wedi Fundo shower solutions with wedi building boards to achieve a CE marked walk-in shower area?

The whole bathroom fully sealed and insulated without any concern of compatibility. This is wedi – simple, safe and functional offering an unrivalled peace of mind. wedi Systems (UK) Ltd. T: 0161 864 2336 E: enquiries(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign) W: