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bedroom bliss

Bedrooms should be a place to relax and rejuvenate. Rob Lessmann from interior design studio Design’d Living explains how to create the perfect master bedroom ambience

We spend a lot of our time in a bedroom, so it is imperative to master the art of creating main bedroom bliss, and for many, a contemporary design works well for creating a place of calm and serenity.


For the many that plan on totally renovating their main bedroom, it is important to firstly define the requirements of the space. Ask yourself the following question. What is going to be the three main uses of the bedroom? For example; will you get dressed in it or will you have a dressing room for this? Are there requirements for a space to do makeup and hair? Will you be reading or working from the bedroom? Is the space large enough to create a lounging area too? Often having a space to put your clothes when you get undressed is neglected, so consider having a sofa, armchair, or bench with inbuilt storage.

Once you have the fundamentals, you can start to think about how to make best use of the space to allow for a tranquil flow throughout. 


Modern bedrooms generally include neutral wall tones, with clean lines being key to the design, and that is really where bespoke joinery comes in. Fitted headboards made in easy to clean materials, with bedside tables integrated, along with wardrobes that hide it all including internal drawers all add up to create simplicity and a cohesive look. After all, this space is to rest in, so by having minimal clutter on show, you can create a relaxing environment. The space in a bedroom is so important, and keeping it flowing is key to making the best use of the space.


Master bedrooms today have very minimal storage, so look for places or void areas in the current space that you can turn into clever bespoke storage solutions during a renovation.
Creating a floor to ceiling wall of cabinetry focused on a plan to install a TV or around a window is a really easy way to add storage to store everyday items that you don’t want on show. 


We have all had to adapt to spending more time in our homes over the last few years, therefore space in the master bedroom must be more multifunctional. Creating zones for work, relaxation and entertainment is key. Even if the space is small, a clever use of partitions or lighting can clearly define areas to relax, work, and enjoy media; this is crucial for homes in 2022.  


Lighting is vital in a master bedroom, it is probably the most important room in the house to get the lighting right. You want lighting that serves a purpose; reading lights, makeup lights, wardrobe lighting, backlighting to highlight certain areas as well as soft lighting. Getting your bedroom lighting right is key for ensuring quality sleep and also creating a relaxing ambience. It is important to be able to dim lights in the bedroom, so introduce a dimmer switch or consider a smart bulb or wall mounted bedside lamps.

Consider your bulbs too; warm bulbs are better in the bedroom than cooler LED lights, which emulate daylight and make it harder for the brain to produce melatonin. If your bedroom needs to be multifunctional, consider brighter LED lights in the ceiling and place them in areas where you need light, for instance at a dressing table or in front of a mirror so you can see well while you get ready.

Make sure that all the lighting is able to be switched on and off from a central point, ideally at the side of the bed and by the door.


Similarly, sockets in bedrooms are the one place people compromise on, but they often have the most demand in a bedroom, just think of charging ports, hair tools such as straighteners and hairdryers, as well as being the place for a hidden TV and music system. You can also go a step further with electrics and integrate your curtains. The greatest luxury is to have black out curtains and blinds that close with the push of a button and most importantly keep the light out for a perfect night’s sleep. With smart electrics becoming more popular, planning for a central point to switch on all your devices is imperative.



Flooring is also a key consideration when renovating the master bedroom. It is incredibly important to consider materials, especially in high traffic areas, or if there are going to be pets or children in the room. Looking at the renovation holistically will allow you to plan flooring which is liveable and workable throughout the space. 

Rob Lessmann is the founder of interior design studio Design’d Living