Love your space

They say that home is where the heart is but it’s only natural that the challenges of the last year may have put a strain on that particular relationship. Callum Tasker, commercial director from online builders’ merchant looks at some of the ways you can create a happier and healthier home environment and love your space once again.

With many of us, our home life balance has been thrown into disarray as we try to juggle work, childcare commitments and vital relaxation time – often all within the same space. As our sense of wellbeing is inextricably linked to our immediate surroundings, making sure that our homes work for us on both a practical and emotional level has never been more important in these challenging times. Fortunately, whether you have a large or small budget, a professional contractor lined up or just some keen DIY skills, there are plenty of options available to help you change your home for the better.

Light your way

The use of daylighting is an important architectural concept but also one that most of us can readily recognise – natural light is a great mood booster, can help transform even the smallest of spaces and can reduce the reliance, and cost, of artificial lighting.

With many people choosing to renovate traditionally dark spaces such as lofts to create a dedicated home office or study area, the use of roof windows or skylights can make a huge difference to the way a room looks and feels. They are also important in ensuring adequate light flow to existing rooms following an extension and as they can help free up space by removing the need for wall-based windows, they are great for home gyms or other rooms where an extra degree of privacy may be desired. You can also choose from fixed-light roof windows, which give added security, opening-roof lights for natural ventilation and a number of other styles and glazing types to suit any budget and space. Roof lights, particularly sun tunnels, can also help illuminate stairwells and basement rooms to improve both the usability and enjoyment of a space.

If you already have a roof light in place but in a room that you perhaps now use in a different way, such as a bedroom that is now a work space during the day, it’s important to invest in a high-quality window blind. Blinds can help you control the light conditions, whether this is via automatic or manual controls and can help reduce both the glare and the heat of the sun. They can be a small detail in a room but one that can make a big difference and our team at Roofing Superstore are well placed to advise on the best roof lights and windows blinds for your space. 

Climate control

As well as natural light, it’s important that our homes are neither too hot nor too cold but with rising energy bills, maintaining a comfortable interior temperature can be a challenge. As we spend more time indoors over the cold winter months, it’s understandable that we may become more reliant on our central heating systems but it’s equally as important that homeowners can control the costs. Investing in insulating your home can be a great way to save money down the line and there are plenty of options to choose from depending on your budget and your requirements, from specialist loft insulation to versatile solutions that can be used to improve the thermal efficiency of roofs, walls and floors. Considering a less time-intensive but effective project such as insulating hot water pipes can also help to bring heating costs down.

With a little insulation and lots of imagination, you can create extra space by transforming sheds, garages or other out-buildings to create a home office, gym, or maybe just a peaceful retreat away from the main house. Whatever your budget and expertise level, you can find lots of product choice, help and advice at Insulation Superstore .

Opportunity knocks

One of the greatest challenges of spending more time at home can be a literal, or perceived, lack of space. When the office is also the kitchen table and the classroom is also the family room, it can be hard to create the boundaries we need for productivity and mental wellbeing. Looking at your interior doors can help immensely, both in terms of zoning your space and creating more privacy. Solid core style doors that are easy to install, use and offer a degree of soundproofing are an ideal choice but there are lots of different designs available depending on your specific needs. A quick look at Door Superstore and a chat with our experienced team can help you find inspiration and an affordable solution. 

Even if you don’t have the time, budget or inclination to do a complete refit of your internal doors, you could still consider updating the door furniture or installing draught excluders to create a cosier interior. Weather-proofing or replacing your external doors can also play a big role in improving energy-efficiency and security, as well as just improving the kerb appeal and your sense of pride in your home.

Back to nature

When we are spending so much time indoors, it’s important for both our physical and mental health to also go outside when you can to enjoy some sunlight and fresh air. Whatever the size of our outdoor space, there is always something you can do to love it a little more. Where space is limited, installing a nature roof on your shed or garage is a great way to add some plants and greenery, with the added benefit of improving drainage on flat roofs. For larger plots, it’s worth creating ‘zones’ so there is somewhere to sit, somewhere for the kids to play, maybe even a vegetable plot. By creating a patio, deck or using other landscaping products to improve your garden or yard, you can not only enjoy the space more but get a real boost from spending time there.

From big changes to small improvements, rekindling the love you have for your space can be easier than you think.

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