Let your walls breathe

If you’re building a new house, or an extension, you want to bring each room into use as as soon as possible. Painting the newly built walls is often the last step in a long process that you want to be finished.

Using paint with a high level of breathability means that moisture doesn’t become ‘trapped’ beneath the surface of the paint.

Using a non-breathable paint can lead to damp walls, causing the paint to bubble, peel and eventually blow completely and contribute to a harmful living environment.

The easiest way to ensure you’re creating a sustainable, environmentally sound specification is to check the paint is Ecolabel approved.

Earthborn paints have achieved this demanding standard, which covers every aspect of a product’s manufacture, use and disposal. Because they are virtually VOC free, they do not give off any toxic emissions, so rooms can be brought into use more quickly and are much healthier for the building and its occupants.