Königstone brings spacious boot room to life

Königstone is classically known as the kitchen surface specialist with an array of bright and beautiful quartz and granite worktop. But, a Königstone surface can be also be used in many more rooms in your home.

Transform the homeowner’s traditional thought of a boot or utility room being just a place to take off mucky boots and assure them it can be seen as a place of order and tranquillity where they can start and finish the day.

Königstone’s Concrete Shell was recently used in a home project (pictured) with a built up 60mm edge and cladding around the low-lying sink. 

Concrete Shell is perfect for a homeowner who is looking to add style to their chosen room. In a matt finish, it is hardwearing and scratch and stain resistant. The easy-to-maintain quartz surface also has a luxurious tactile feel.