How to choose the right colour for your timber windows and doors

There are so many colour options now to paint your timber windows and doors that it can be a challenge to actually decide on one!

What is the best colour for timber windows and doors?

The truth is, the best colour for your home actually depends on a few factors.

  • The exterior finish of your home
  • The style and age of your home
  • The aesthetics you are aiming for
  • Your style and preference
  • Your property surroundings
  • Your interior décor

The exterior finish of your home

The finish of your home will determine the colour paint you should choose for your windows and doors and should always complement the overall finish. Traditional paint colours may work better than brighter coloured paint if you live in a more traditional brick house.

The style and age of your home

Modern homes can be complemented with more stylish, contemporary colour choices. For traditional/ period property types, a neutral colour palette would look best.

The aesthetics you are aiming for

Solid choices for wooden doors and windows are neutral greens, russet reds and neutral blues as they offer a smart finish to your home and can add a nice bit of contrast without becoming overwhelming. Natural browns and greens will give you a more neutral muted look which will complement any greenery you have around your home. For a bright, clean look, white paint can work well but make sure it doesn’t contrast too much with the finish of your home. Modern designed homes with colour cladding could cause a clash however period properties that have been restored will look stunning.

Your style and preference

Your style and preference of how your home looks is completely up to you but just remember, if you’re going for bold colours, consider how it will look and make sure your type of property suits the contrast. If you’re set on a colour choice but it might be too bold, try looking for a lighter, more subtle shade.

Your property surroundings

It’s important to look at the surroundings of your property and take that into consideration when deciding timber window and door colours. Use it for inspiration and also to avoid any colour clashes.

Your interior décor

The final thing to consider is the colour palette you have used on the inside of your home. A general rule of thumb here is that the paint colour if the exterior does not match the colour of the interior. Strong, darker colours may work well on the outside of your home but won’t necessarily work on the inside as it will be too dark and make your home feel small.

In summary

At the end of the day, the colour you decide to paint your exterior timber windows and doors is entirely down to your preference. Above are a few important factors to consider when choosing the colour paint to avoid things like colour clashes and type of property you are living in.