Get expert help – speak to a Tobermore Paving & Walling Advisor

The thought of creating a new patio or driveway can be daunting if you don’t know where to start – What type of product is best for a patio or driveway? What are the differences between product finishes? Who can install these products?

If you would like to start an outdoor project and have lots of questions – speak to a Tobermore Paving & Walling Advisor

A Tobermore Paving and Walling Advisor can make your life easy and help you make the right decisions when choosing a new driveway, patio or walling feature. Getting advice from a Paving & Walling Advisor at the outset can save you time and energy with simple, practical and relevant advice.

This is a no-obligation advice service to assist you on your journey to achieving a fantastic project

A new patio or driveway is an investment which adds value to your home, so we would always advise to take your time and get it right first time. Tobermore Paving & Walling Advisors will be happy to support your decision-making journey.

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