Four trends for ‘24

Bathrooms have evolved from practical spaces to stylish sanctuaries, merging function with design. Jasmine Rowe from HiB explains how self-builders can tap into this year’s key design trends to discover the mix they need

For bathroom designers, there are the classic schemes that in the UK we have come to expect, such as white suites and minimal, clean decor, but there are also the hugely popular design-led trends and emerging styles that self-builders should pay attention to, especially if they want their home to stand out.

This year, brands are highlighting four captivating trends, which promise to redefine the modern bathroom experience, catering to the diverse tastes and preferences of self-builders seeking to create spaces that resonate with their individuality and lifestyle.

The first trend we are seeing this year is ‘Exhale’, which offers a breath of fresh air with its homage to nature-inspired design. Departing from the ‘nature-stuff’ of previous years, Exhale embraces a more restrained approach, channelling the laid-back allure of ‘California Casual’ aesthetics. 

This trend harmonises minimalism with mid-century sensibilities, favouring clean lines, stone finishes and tactile textures. By avoiding rustic elements, Exhale exudes refinement through its neutral palette and rounded shapes, offering a serene escape from the rigours of daily life. For self-builders yearning for a tranquil oasis within their homes, Exhale promises to deliver a space filled with understated elegance and natural serenity.

In contrast, the ‘Euphoria’ trend, also key for bathroom builds in 2024, invites a blend of nostalgia and contemporary flair into the bathroom space. Defined by graceful arches, fluid curves, and playful geometries, this trend infuses spaces with a sense of movement and joy. Abstract patterns and fluted textures add a modern twist, while a muted yet colourful palette evokes a connection to the organic world. 

Euphoria promises to give bathrooms rejuvenating energy, transforming everyday routines into moments of stimulating experiences. For self-builders seeking to give their spaces a sense of whimsy and vitality, Euphoria offers an irresistible opportunity to indulge in playful design exploration.

For those drawn to darker, edgier aesthetics, the ‘Elements’ trend offers a captivating alternative that is sure to be popular in 2024. Inspired by the philosophy of Wabi Sabi and the raw beauty of Brutalism, Elements embraces imperfection as a source of allure. Moody neutrals and cool blues set a stormy backdrop, while raw textures and industrial accents add depth and character. Brushed bronze and gunmetal brassware offer a rugged elegance, celebrating the inherent beauty of organic materials in their unadorned state.

For self-builders with a love of industrial styles, using the Elements trend is an opportunity to create a space full of atmosphere.

The final one of the four key 2024 bathroom trends, is ‘Enamour’, a look that evokes the feeling of vintage glamour and timeless sophistication. With a nod to the opulence of Art
Deco design, Enamour seamlessly blends old-world charm with contemporary themes. 

In Enamour, upcycled elements lend a sense of history and sustainability, while a commitment to simplicity fosters an atmosphere of understated luxury. By curating a harmonious balance between old and new, Enamour invites homeowners to bask in the tranquillity of a clutter-free environment, embracing the ethos of ‘quiet luxury’ and vintage glamour. This trend really is a celebration of curated luxury and considered design.

Through all four of these trends, reoccurring themes such as curves, metallics and minimalism are all present, offering key themes that all self-builders can use to make their bathroom space on trend, no matter what their preferred overall look.

By considering the shapes such as arches or fluted furniture, organic textures and touchpoints, those designing a bathroom space can create a contemporary space that also offers a timeless appeal and functionality required of the room.

Also, by maximising space with sleek storage solutions, multifunctional furniture and statement items pieces like freestanding baths, illuminated mirrors or bold tile patterns, self-builders can add their own personality and flair to make the space individual and tailored to their needs. 

By combining these elements, anyone can create a stylish and functional bathroom that reflects the latest trends of 2024.

Jasmine Rowe is product designer at HiB