EverEdge Titan Steel Edging

EverEdge have been manufacturing steel garden edging products for over 25 years. We are a proud British company which is family owned since its conception in 1995. EverEdge Titan steel landscape edging has been a staple of the EverEdge range for over a decade. EverEdge have been asked to produce a number of Titan steel edgings. The EverEdge Titan range is 2.5m long and available in a range of sizes, thicknesses and finishes.

EverEdge Titan is a robust deeper edging. There is demand for this on commercial projects such as:

  • Park roads and pathways
  • Driveways and tracks
  • Golf Clubs
  • Memorial Gardens
  • Play areas
  • Carparks
  • Public Projects

Titan is built to do it all!

Throughout the years, EverEdge Titan has been used in projects of all shapes and sizes. From creating a traditional parterre to edging a new asphalt pathway. Flexible and strong, EverEdge Titan is the perfect product for edging in public spaces.

As with anything in life, the key to installing EverEdge Titan is good preparation. Ensure that the groundwork is done before installation and EverEdge Titan can be quickly and easily installed using a simple colour matched carriage bolts and fixing spikes to hold the edging in place.

Quality not quantity!

EverEdge Titan edging offers customers a durable, attractive and practical product that can be used to form a permanent edge around almost any feature. The product is a simple structure made well.

We love what people can do with our products and what designs they come up with. The product EverEdge Titan edging is so versatile and whilst most of the time people are looking for traditional lawn edging, most shapes and sizes can be created. This photo shows a customer creation of a trivial pursuit garden made up of five triangular raised beds.

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