Radicalising climate control for self-build and renovation projects, Radiana has developed a revolutionary closed loop hydronic ceiling system, which responds to factors such as body heat to create the perfect indoor environment. This invisible alternative to traditional air conditioning provides a unique ‘3D’ cooling effect, creating the ultimate thermal comfort and sense of wellbeing for occupants – all while being kinder to the environment thanks to 50% energy savings and less maintenance, compared with air con systems.

Radiana’s innovative ceiling panels and tiles can be easily and quickly installed into the ceiling or walls in the place of plasterboard, making the system completely invisible. Cold water passes through the pipes within each panel and, as heat always travels to colder areas, any heat radiated from objects and the rest of the room is absorbed.

When 70% of the ceiling surface area is fitted with ‘active’ Radiana ceiling panels the result is a highly desirable ‘3D cooling’ effect, with no hot or cold spots within a room because radiation expands equally in all directions.

Due to the radiant energy transfer method, the Radiana system is silent running and allows you to cool or heat an environment without the draughts, noise or the dehumidifying effects associated with traditional air conditioning. This not only provides the ultimate thermal comfort for everyone to enjoy, wherever they are situated in the room, but also greatly improved air quality. With Radiana there are no blasts of air which, especially if recirculated, could also spread virus particles around and dehumidify the atmosphere.

Radiana has also developed an app, which provides intelligent control of the system and the ability to create different temperature zones within each room depending on solar gain and personal preferences. Radiana is also designed to effortlessly integrate with existing and emerging renewable technologies, with heat pumps being a natural choice to pair radiant water-based systems.

Another crucial benefit of Radiana at the build stage, is ease of installation and sequencing. In the same way as traditional plasterboard is fitted, these innovative radiant cooling panels are quick and easy to attach directly to the ceiling frame. When it comes to installation, specifying Radiana will reduce the number of trades to co-ordinate at site as there’s no need to sequence hot works or handling of ozone damaging gases – helping to keep your build on schedule.

Radiana panel system overview: 

  • Each 50mm panel consists of a pre-formed EPS board and a plasterboard panel bonded together, which is very easy to install and maintain.
  • 12.5mm taper edge plasterboard finish which can be skimmed or tape and jointed
  • 70mm gaps between the internal pipes enable you to fit lighting in the usual way
  • Integral strength panels means you can install the panel on studs at 400mm or 600mm centres
  • Up to 110 w/m2 of cooling and 212 w/m2 of heating
  • Laser etched pipe layout on the plasterboard surface to show exactly where each pipe is in the panel to avoid damage when creating holes and fixing to the panel
  • Patented push fit connectors, which are guaranteed for 10 years
  • Fire retardant EPS backing which gives improved R values and better sound absorption

Radiana tile system overview: 

  • Tile assembly consists of a 35mm thick pre-formed insulation backing board and a gypsum tile bonded together, and is very easy to install and maintain
  • 70mm gaps between the capillary pipes enable you to fit spotlights, speakers, etc. in the usual way
  • Push fit connectors, guaranteed for 10 years
  • A choice of different fire retardant insulation options
  • Tiles are simply set into the existing ceiling suspension grid, ensuring easy access during inspections
  • If needed, moving the tiles for maintenance of hydraulic connections is straightforward
  • Up to 64 Radiana tiles can be connected in series directly to a manifold loop, without any significant loss of efficiency

The starting price for Radiana is £70/m2, going up to £150/m2.