Building automation for a Passivhaus

What is a Passivhaus?

A Passivhaus is designed to minimise energy use and maximise comfort. It is a standard – supported by the likes of the Passivhaus Trust – aimed at delivering net-zero homes that also consider the health, well-being and comfort of their occupants. With great adoption across Europe and growth in the UK, the average thermal demand for heating and hot water in a UK Passivhaus is just 1.6 MWh/year, compared to 8.6 MWh/year in new-build homes. Which offers significant benefits for both the environment and the homeowner.

The Challenge of Manual Management

However, while Passivhaus buildings offer outstanding energy efficiency and comfort, they require active management by occupants. Manually adjusting the blinds or curtains, windows, and heating/ventilation systems to maintain optimal temperatures and air quality which can be labour-intensive and inconvenient. Plus, without automation there’s a risk of inefficiency and discomfort, especially during ever increasingly fluctuating weather conditions. The point of the Passivhaus should be increased comfort levels not compromising this with more aspects of the home to worry about.

Loxone: The Ultimate Automation Solution

Fear not, Loxone’s building automation system is here to transform Passivhaus builds. It is a tried-and-trusted solution across Europe to fully automate all of the elements of a Passivhaus, taking the burden away from the homeowners and instead leaving them with an exceptional level of comfort and peace of mind. It integrates all aspects of your home from heating and cooling to lighting and shading, and complete energy management – ensuring maximum efficiency and comfort with minimal effort. Imagine the blinds closing automatically based on their position in relation to the sun, the MVHR automatically knowing when to be in trickle or boost mode, and rooms heating to individual target temperatures based on times of the day or presence. The Loxone system intelligently automates these aspects based on real-time data, all you need to do is sit back and enjoy your new home.

Free Consultation

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