Bifold vs Sliding Doors – now there is a third option

For those considering a self-build, renovation or extension choosing the right door system for the project is just one decision to be made. Typically that decision has meant choosing between bifold and sliding doors – but now there is a third option exclusively from IDSystems.

The Swiss designed vistaline system is an innovative slide and turn door system, with narrow 45mm sightlines like sliding doors, but with individual panels that slide and stack to one end to create a completely unobstructed opening – just like bifold doors.

The Build It Award winning doors are manufactured in the UK and are available in either double or triple glazing meaning they not only comply with current Building Regulations, they’ll also comply with Future Homes Standard come 2025.

The panels run on a patented track system that features exclusive ‘flipper-seals’ that provide enhanced weather protection and a completely flush finish between inside and out.

Located in the rural Buckinghamshire countryside The Granary is a remarkable barn conversion that honours tradition while incorporating modern design elements. Over time the barn had been used as a grain store, as home to Highland cows and Tamworth pigs and even as a workshop for farm machinery before it was transformed into an incredible family home.

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