Are Wet Rooms Back In Fashion?

A wet room may convey images of an old person’s bathroom, complete with safety handrails and a seat in the shower. But more recently wet rooms have been making a comeback, and it is easy to see why. They can be stylish, modern, and give a much-needed wow factor to a new bathroom.

What Is A Wet Room?

A wet room is essentially an open concept bathroom or shower room without a shower tray, meaning that the whole room can get wet. The whole room is entirely waterproof, from the floor to the walls and the ceiling. With the shower being the same level as the floor, any water drains away through a flush drain in the shower area. Sometimes the shower is fully open, other times there is still a shower screen. But this contemporary, minimalist design means wet rooms are becoming more of a trend.

Why Should I Get One?

Wet rooms are easily customisable and can be adapted to fit any shape or size of bathroom. Whether you have a large bathroom or a small boutique-style shower room, you can make it work for the space that you have. You can even include free-standing baths in a wet room to add an extra luxurious feel to the room. 

They are easy to maintain and keep clean as you don’t have the dirt and grime that can build up in the usual shower tray area. Water can also easily reach more areas of the bathroom, making it much more maintainable for families of all kinds. 

They can also make a property very appealing, as they offer a minimalist and contemporary aspect with an open plan design, and it has been shown that having a wet room installed can even add value to your property. Having a second bathroom or en-suite as a wet room is becoming highly desirable. Because they have a simple, minimalist design, they can often make a bathroom feel bigger and more spacious. They are becoming more on trend as more and more people are designing their bathrooms to feel more like a spa or sanctuary at home.

How To Go About Getting A Wet Room Installed

To get a fully customised wet room design, speak to an expert and consider using a product like waterproof tile board. Wedi can offer you a guaranteed waterproof wet room solution with their tried and tested panel system. With over 20 years of experience and expert advice it is well worth getting in touch with them so that they can assist you with your wet room design. 

There are lots of waterproofing materials designed for wet rooms, from shower drainage, building boards, and partition wall systems. An experienced contractor can complete the whole wet room for you from start to finish. 

So, if you are thinking of a bathroom remodel in your home, then a wet room is well worth considering. Not only are they easily customisable to whatever space you have to work with, but a wet room will provide you with a much-needed modern retreat in your home.