Achieve a truly co-ordinated look with V33 Multi-Surface Paint

For Walls, Tiles, Floors, Furniture and More

Using several paint colours in your home is fine if you’re confident about what goes with what. But if, like many people, you fancy a streamlined look with a focus on one particular shade, how then do you go about tackling lots of different surface types in your various rooms? What you need is a paint that loves walls, floors, furniture, radiators, windows and doors equally, so that you don’t have to buy different paint formulations and worry about whether they work well together.

Now, thanks to some clever chemistry wizardry, it’s possible to use the same paint on all these surfaces and more. Which means your whole painting project is simplified, and you will undoubtedly save money at the same time.

V33 Renovation Multi-Surface paint is a major innovation in emulsions, which enables people to use just one paint for the whole job, whilst also ensuring a great finish. It’s easy and quick to apply and offers optimal performance.

V33 Renovation Multi-Surface paint’s highly adherent formula means it can be applied on over twenty surfaces in any room inside the home. Available in nine on-trend shades plus white, this ground-breaking satin finish paint is resistant to water, stains and knocks, and is ultra-washable, affording a professional-looking finish even for novice DIYers.

Requiring no undercoat, V33 Renovation Multi-Surface paint achieves a beautiful result on surfaces including bare, varnished, painted or stained wood; wood derivatives such as melamine, laminate, OSB and plywood; tiles in granite and porcelain; various metals and even glass. This means you can use the paint to refresh a very broad variety of areas of your home including walls, woodwork, radiators, windows, doors, built-in and freestanding furniture, objects, worktops, floors and stairs. No need to buy multiple paints to tackle them all!

Your only challenge will be deciding which colours to choose. Colour options include Granite Black, Pebble Grey, Porcelain Grey, White, Hemp, Green Khaki, Grey Blue, Turquin Blue, Bohemian Rose and Honey Yellow.

The V33 brand is well established in Europe, particularly in France, where it has already garnered a great reputation for its high-quality products. So, it’s excellent news for both reluctant and enthusiastic DIYers that the paint brand is available in the UK from B&Q and Screwfix. V33 Renovation Multi-Surface is priced at around £29 for a 0.75L tub and around £42 for 2L. The 2L option provides coverage for approximately 12m2 when applying two coats.

In the meantime, if you’d like to find out more about this amazing innovation in decorating, go to V33 can also be found on Facebook at @V33UK and on Instagram at V33_UK.