A third of Graven Hill homes built using innovative ‘modern methods of construction’

The UK’s largest self and custom build community, Graven Hill, has announced that a third of the self-build homes built there in the past three years have used modern methods of construction (MMC), including both offsite manufacturing and innovative onsite techniques such as tunnel form construction.

With the Government having announced an MMC taskforce in its latest Budget to encourage the delivery of homes built using such innovative methods, Graven Hill said it “aims to remain a part of this important movement as it shifts into its next phase.”

This year, one of Graven Hill’s ‘specialist suppliers’ is on track to complete 25 prefabricated homes within the development. Since 2018, the site has seen a total of 34 self and custom build projects built using MMC. On average, said Graven Hill, they have taken two to three days to assemble and make watertight, and around six or seven weeks to construct and finish onsite, “considerably quicker than the average bricks and mortar home.”

Each self-build project at Graven Hill has a ‘Plot Passport,’ which has been pre-approved by the local council. Now allowing for MMC techniques, the Passports outline the parameters and other key guidelines for that specific plot. Graven Hill claims

self-builders following this method can get planning permission in just 28 days, “as opposed to the usual 8-13 weeks.”

Karen Curtin, managing director at Graven Hill, said: “With the help of our specialist suppliers we have proven that prefabricated homes can be just as high quality and aesthetically beautiful as traditional homes. Offering both speed and affordability, MMC certainly looks to be the way forward for housing and we’re proud to be part of the revolution.”

Custom build new homes are also employing MMC at Graven Hill. A range of ‘move in ready’ new build homes are currently available, with many eligible for Help to Buy. The development is prioritising “accessibility” for different demographics, providing a range spanning two- and three-bed terraces to five-bed detached homes. “The flexibility and affordability of MMC ensures this can be achieved without having to compromise on quality,” said Graven Hill.