30% More Coverage with New Powercoat Paint Roller

Painting and decorating expert Harris has launched the Ultimate Powercoat Roller Frame and Sleeve and as the name suggests, not only will it give you a great finish, but it will give you 30% more paint coverage than the standard paint roller, making painting jobs faster, easier and more satisfying. 

Designed for painting smooth and semi-smooth surfaces with emulsion paint, the Harris Ultimate Powercoat Roller Sleeve is made from microfibre.  Not only does this deliver greater coverage, but it also ensures a smoother finish.   Equally beneficial is the fact that the microfibre also minimises splatter.  This makes decorating with a Harris Ultimate Powercoat Roller Sleeve a far better experience.

The microfibre sleeve is not the only benefit of the Harris Ultimate Powercoat Roller.  The roller frame has an extra-long handle giving you greater reach with a comfortable grip, so that you can paint for longer.  The combination of the handle design and the quality of the sleeve gives you the greater coverage – meaning faster painting and an exceptional finish on your walls and ceilings. 

When you consider that 95% of the finish on a wall painted with a roller is down to the quality of the roller frame and sleeve, as opposed to the paint, then it really is worth giving the new Harris Ultimate Powercoat Roller Frame and Sleeve a try. 

The Harris Ultimate Powercoat Roller Frame and Sleeve is available through many DIY stores – see harrisbrushes.com/stockists/ for details.  And with Harris’s new website www.harrisbrushes.com full of hints, tips and ‘how-to’ videos, the DIY decorator can access the best in help and advice for all decorating needs.  Let’s Decorate!