11 luxury kitchen trends for 2024 from Laminam

As many homeowners start to plan updates to their existing kitchen or begin researching new designs for a renovation, knowing what trends are predicted for 2024 can help inspire materials, styles, products and colours to give the space the ‘wow’ factor. The overall theme for 2024 sees the kitchen becoming even more of a living space within the home, as well as opting for bold design choices. Global leader in the design and production of large sized surfaces, Laminam’s R&D director, Claudio Corniola has predicted 11 key luxury kitchen trends for 2024 that are set to take kitchens, and in particular, surfaces to the next level.

Porcelain worktops
Previously, kitchen worktops, splashbacks and furniture cladding have been all about granite, quartz and marble. But new innovations and advances in sustainability have meant that slabs made with porcelain are richer and more design-led, making it the material of choice for the kitchens of 2024. A new market report has predicted that porcelain worktop sales will see a massive boost over the next several years, with a predicted sales increase of 46%. Available in a huge choice an array of colours, textures, sizes, finishes and patterns, porcelain can emulate the look of these materials, but without the maintenance and price tag. The benefits of porcelain include it being non-porous, waterproof, hygienic, durable, hardwearing, UV, stain and scratch resistant as well as being easy to clean.

All black kitchens
Dark kitchens look to be even more dramatic for 2024. Black worksurfaces and splashbacks will be paired with other black elements, such as stained or painted cabinetry or lighting for a wow-factor and opulent result. This statement look will come in many forms, including porcelain surfaces, which are easy to clean and care for and won’t lose their lustrous sheen.

Sustainable living
Homeowners are making more sustainable choices when it comes to the products they bring into their homes, and this goes for the whole production process too. Brands and manufacturers who embrace an environmentally friendly way of production, packaging and delivery will be preferred. Materials of choice will be natural and safe to recycle at the end of their life, and kitchens will also see a rise in the use of recycled, upcycled and hand-crafted pieces. When it comes to sustainable surface choices, porcelain is incredibly eco-friendly, and is a material with one of the lowest carbon footprints.

A wellbeing space
Much like bathrooms, kitchens are set to become spaces for self-care and well-being. With the rise of healthy home cooking, spa-inspired products and biophilic design, this key trend will transform the kitchen into a place of tranquillity while cooking, dining and entertaining. One way to achieve this is to use design elements to bring the outside in, whether that be through the addition of plants and fresh herbs on display via a vertical garden, an earthy colour palette or using natural materials.

Exposed shelving and freestanding storage
Storage for the kitchens of 2024 will be less formal and fitted and more casual and relaxed, with open, transparent, or freestanding shelving to display everyday items and treasured pieces. Over the past 12 months (as of Sept, 2023), “Shelving Unit” has become a breakout search topic, as has “Pantry” over the past 90 days, according to Google Trends data. To avoid a cluttered look in a multi-functional kitchen, easy storage is more imperative than ever, and could be just a simple single open ‘floating’ shelf, shelves incorporated into an island, or a large, bespoke dresser with premium surfacing to elevate it further.

Warm metallic accents
For 2024, the metallics of the moment will be warm tones such as gold, copper and brass. According to Google Trends data, “Copper” has become a breakout search topic over the past 12 months. Whether incorporated within the tones of a worktop’s veining, via sinks and taps, lighting, cabinet handles or accessories, these warm accents will bring luxe to even the plainest of kitchen designs.

Mixing marble-look with other styles
Marble and marble-look surfaces and décor have reigned supreme in kitchens over the last few years and are now a timeless classic. Searches for “Marble Worktops” continue to soar, with it being a breakout topic over the past seven days, according to Google Trends. For 2024, designers will be mixing marble-look surfaces with other textures and colours such as wood, cement, steel or glass for a more visually impactful result. Choosing a marble effect surface such as porcelain is easier to care for and maintain than real marble, and so will be a popular choice in 2024 to contrast alongside other materials.

Multi-functional islands
From extending out into a dining table to bespoke chopping areas and definitive breakfast bar zones, kitchen islands will be more versatile than ever in 2024, and emulate the gastronomical experience found in a luxury restaurant at home. The working triangle is no longer a necessity in kitchen design, and kitchen islands can efficiently incorporate areas for preparation, cooking, washing up and dining. With almost 1.3 million #kitchenisland posts on Instagram, this key kitchen trend is here to stay.

Earthy colours
Earthy hues including anthracite, deep browns and nature inspired greens are set to be on-trend in 2024, as we move away from lighter kitchens in favour of rich, dark designs with plenty of visual depth. This trend will extend to all elements of the kitchen, including surfaces, cabinetry, wall colours and flooring.

Chunky surfaces
Deliberately thick surfaces are perfect for creating bold impact on a central island or kitchen worktop. With the usual thickness for a countertop being 12mm, 2024 will see more instances of a 20mm thickness being used; particularly striking when used on a waterfall island.

Soft finishes
2024 will see a move towards matt or soft finishes, rather than shiny or gloss. State of the art technology in the surfacing industry has meant that this is easily achieved for any kitchen surfaces and alleviates any issues of fingerprint marks on a well-used worktop in an open-plan kitchen.