Walk Barn Farm, Suffolk

Walk Barn Farm has been designed by Charles Barclay Architects on behalf of a private client and takes the form of three converging wings, built from SIP panels with timber cladding.

The house is located in a field, part of a former farm, bordered by a formal avenue of oak trees along one side. Devised as an arrangement of single-storey fingers of accommodation, it extends out into the landscape, framing views and creating sheltered external terraces in between.

Though the materials used make reference to agricultural, even industrial buildings, the result is unmistakably domestic. Black timber cladding, galvanised steel Crittal windows and polished concrete floors are all materials in keeping with agricultural buildings. Deployed with a sensitivity to the building’s function they embolden its character and relationship to the landscape.

The house successfully distils the untamed character of its exposed rural setting while creating a comfortable place for its occupants to retreat and to entertain.

Walk Barn Farm has been short-listed for a RIBA award.