Why the boiler is still an essential part of your British home

The heating in your home isn’t something you think too much about until you need hot water or heating during colder spells or near winter time. Nevertheless, for homes with a new or older boiler, it’s an essential part of a British home.

Here are a few reasons why it’s not to be ignored and needs to be well maintained.

Heating When You Want It
Heating is provided through your boiler system. Water is heated up within the boiler itself and then distributed through the pipes under the floorboards to the radiators around your home. Heat also radiates up through the floor to provide increased warmth.

The heating system is reasonably efficient depending on the age of your boiler and how well it has been maintained. While it does take a little bit longer to warm up the water, the radiant heat is a better system than a hot air-based heating system because the heat centres around objects in each room rather than quickly rising to the ceiling and the roofing areas.

Hot Water on Tap
Your boiler is also the system that creates hot water that pipes through to your bathroom and kitchen. This way, when you turn on the hot water tap, water flows out that’s hot to the touch. It can then be mixed with water from the cold tap to achieve a satisfactory temperature to wash your hands, run a warm bath, and so on.

Better Controls to Distribute Heat Only Where It’s Needed
Better controls can be added to older boiler systems to bring them up to date with the latest technologies. These improved systems allow boiler distribution to be modified to control which areas of the home receive hot water through the piping to warm them.

While there are certainly some benefits to heating an entire property to avoid risks like damp or bacterial build up, that’s not always desirable when the home is mostly being occupied in just a few of the rooms. Being able to adjust where to direct the heated water depending on the time of year is more energy efficient to keep heating bills down too.

Getting Covered for Your Boiler
Getting coverage for your boiler and related systems is important due to how essential they are. Should they break down, you’ll be left with no hot water to bathe or do the washing up and no heating throughout your home. Even during the summer months, this will be less than ideal and, in the wintertime, far worse.

Utilise the services of a company such as Certi who provide their Value+ boiler cover to ensure homeowners are protected from an unexpected breakdown. They have a 24-hour helpline for you to call and make a claim on your monthly paid plan whereupon they arrange a call to a trained expert in the local area to assist you. Certi has many years of experience in the trade and covers other areas like the plumbing, electrical systems and pest control within their more extensive value+ home emergency cover plan too.

The boiler is a key piece of the puzzle in keeping your home warm and functional. When it refuses to operate, you surely know about it in a hurry! Make sure you’re covered before that happens, so you’re not left scrambling trying to figure out what to do next.