VELUX teams up with Farrow & Ball to shed light on colour in the home

A new campaign that targets homeowners looking to renovate their home highlights the transformative effect that extra daylight can have on interior design.

The collaboration by VELUX®, roof window manufacturers, and Farrow & Ball, craftsmen in paint and wallpaper, focuses on educating homeowners on how to maximise natural light in the home and the impact it has on colour.

At the heart of the campaign is a three-minute video, which centres on a young family who have added a VELUX extension to their home to make more space for their new baby.

A VELUX daylight expert works together with a Farrow & Ball colour expert to show the couple how to make the most of available daylight and how to choose colours that not only look great in their space but suit the way they live.

Grant Sneddon, daylight expert at VELUX, said:

“More and more homeowners are choosing to make home improvements instead of moving to bigger spaces. This desire to extend and renovate rather than buy and sell is influenced by many factors such as cost and an increased ability to personalise existing living spaces.

“We believe it’s important for all of us to re-think the way we live indoors, especially with research stating we now spend 90% of our time inside without enough daylight or fresh air.  Daylight and colour are powerful mood boosters and good for our health and wellbeing, helping to create a positive atmosphere at home. This is why we wanted to come together to show how both of our quality products can have a transformative effect on a space, as well as on the family who live in it.”

In the last five years, VELUX has shifted the focus of its marketing efforts onto the homeowner. Where it once focussed on selling roof windows as a functional purchase, it now helps homeowners directly to create healthy, bright and daylight-filled spaces. One of the most distinctive assets of Farrow & Ball paint is the extraordinary response it has to light, making the collaboration a perfect daylight match.

Joa Studholme, Farrow & Ball’s colour expert, added:

“Natural light changes throughout the day and can have a massive effect on colour, which helps spaces feel alive. Roof windows project daylight deep into a room, which means homeowners can afford to go bold with their colour choice and enjoy the rich pigments in our paint, while reflecting light back into the darkest areas of large open plan spaces.

“But, while homeowners love the beautiful and unexpected way light sources react with our colours, this can add an extra consideration when deciding how to redecorate. Our colour consultants understand the way our colours respond extraordinarily to the light throughout the day and how to partner colours to achieve a unique look that is sympathetic to your style.”

Commenting on the collaboration, Michelle Adamson, brand manager at VELUX said:

“Farrow & Ball has focussed on creating rich pigmented paint that responds to differences in daylight levels for many years, and at VELUX we focus on creating better living environments by bringing daylight and fresh air into people’s homes. This collaboration really is a perfect match for our brands’ like-minded audience of family homemakers who share similar lifestyle and emotional motivations for improving their home with quality products that have craftsmanship and innovative design at their heart.”

The video can be viewed here.