Top Tips for Choosing Curtains and Blinds

The way you dress your windows can make or break your room scheme. Not only does the design you choose need to be attractive, it will ultimately dictate the amount of light and privacy in the space. Here Victoria Smee, expert soft furnishings and window dressings maker, gives her expert tips on choosing the best option for you.

Victoria says,

“Fabric is the most important thing to consider when choosing window dressings, as the right material will offer longevity and ease of use. Choose your fabric specifically for curtains or blinds – perhaps hold them up to a window to try and get an idea of how it will look. For curtains, ensure it drapes well, and if you’re choosing blinds, look for move-ability so that it sits consistently well when moving up and down.”

“Secondly, make sure you think about positioning and fitting. You can heighten a room by hanging treatments higher than the window. Most designers add at least six inches and more often take the hanging system right up to the ceiling – this is most common with pelmets and lathes. I’d recommend measuring up each window individually and going bespoke, as it opens up so many design options and creates a unique, tailored feel.”

Victoria reveals that an increasing number of people are requesting sheer curtains, either alone or beneath a traditional heavier fabric. She continues,

“These are great for adding a soft delicate look, as well as muting the light coming into a room to offer privacy.”

“Another top tip is don’t be afraid to go bold! Windows are one of the main focuses of a room and can bring a scheme together as well as acting as a real statement. I always advise my customers to have lined & interlined curtains for a real luxurious drape and go for a fabric you love, but if you’re not quite ready for bold patterns and colour consider adding a contrasting border fabric to add texture and interest.”

“Most importantly, remember to think of curtains and blinds as an investment. Choose a fabric that you love and is timeless, and they’ll last you for years to come.”

From supplying shutters, pelmets, poles and tracks to the full measuring and fitting service, Victoria Smee Interiors provides everything you could need when it comes to dressing your windows.