Three lighting design trends making waves in 2018

2018’s Light+Building expo once again proved to be the spectacular success story we’ve come to expect. Every two years, more than 200,000 people descend upon Frankfurt, for the chance to check out the latest lighting design trends and technology from all over the world.

The highlight of the year for those working in the industry, Light+Building provides innovative designers with the opportunity to showcase incredible products and debut new-generation electronics.

Light+Building consistently paints a picture of a future where lighting technology goes far beyond simple illumination. Once again, this year’s event featured a select few lighting designs that were particularly memorable. Set to become three of the biggest lighting design trends for 2018, it’s likely we’ll be seeing much more of the following over the coming months:

Luminaires gain intelligence
We’re rapidly heading towards an era wherein traditional lighting controls will be confined to the history books. No longer housed in external boxes or control units, intelligent lighting control technology is now being incorporated inside the actual luminaires themselves. From emergency lighting to Bluetooth connectivity to PIR drivers and so on, lighting intelligence is becoming increasingly compact and capable. Soon enough, all that’s needed to control all lighting technology – manual and automated lighting alike – will be built into the luminaries as standard. Light+Building 2018 clearly demonstrated just how far lighting control technology and related intelligence has come over recent years.

Geometry is still in
To call architectural lighting with a strong geometric focus a new design trend would be inaccurate to say the least. Sweeping lines, circles, triangles and other shapes have featured prominently in cutting-edge lighting design for several years now. It’s just that many designers are becoming increasingly bold in their experimental approach to geometric lighting design. Today’s geometric lighting is becoming sleeker and more minimalist than ever before. Technological advancements allow for the design and manufacture of custom designs in all shapes and sizes imaginable. Advanced geometric lighting being more about the beauty of the final lighting product and less about the technological limitations of producing and powering it.

Bronze is the new black
Don’t misconstrue – black is still very much on-trend in almost every aspect of interior design. So is white – particularly when combined strategically with black. Nevertheless, it’s no secret that bronze is absolutely everywhere at the moment. Originally emerging as an element of industrial interior design trends of recent years, bronze has become something of a phenomenon in its own right. Particularly when it comes to creative lighting design, which gives bronze accents and elements every opportunity to shine to their maximum potential. Bronze can be incorporated into a wider design theme as a standout feature, or form the very basis of the theme. One thing that can be said for sure – bronze certainly isn’t going anywhere in the near future at least!