The star of the show goes online

Supplier of sustainable and ecological products for the construction and refurbishment industries, Eco Materials Online, has launched a new super-fast website that is both informative and easy to navigate.

The website, although of course a modern concept, features a product that has very much stood the test of time and is referenced under the two main headlines on the homepage of breathable insulation and acoustic insulation. Heraklith boards are the star of the show, and are breathable thermal and acoustic insulation panels, invented by Heraklith over 100 years ago; the product having recently received massive investment from KNAUF INSULATION to ensure that the genuine Heraklith panels remain the best quality woodwool boards available.

The main component is shredded wood, or ‘wood wool’, which gives the product its distinctive appearance. Previously magnesite was used to bind the wood wool, but the latest generation has been updated and now utilises cement to make them weather resistant and sufficiently durable to be used as external wall insulation; additionally offering passive fire protection for up to 90 minutes where required.

Although the product has been around for a long time, it very much conforms to modern day requirements, being that the board is manufactured from PEFC certified wood. Heraklith is CE marked and conforms to European Standard for Wood Wool Insulation BS EN 13168.

In addition to standard panels (which are available in 15mm, 25mm, 35mm and 50mm thicknesses), there is a variant called the “decorative panel” which uses a finer grade of woodwool (1mm instead of 1.5mm).

A short description of each option is provided – for example, the 15mm boards are natural vapour permeable panels which makes them a perfect base to be used internally and externally with lime render / plaster as part of a breathable wall construction. Then the surfer is able to see the cost and order through the online ‘basket.’

Other applications and attributes for Heraklith include:

  • Being a base board for renders and plasters
  • Used as acoustic absorption panels (RW = between 56 and 67dB)
  • Provide a minimum of 1 hour’s fire protection to structures.
  • In loft conversions to provide breathable cladding and insulation.

They are hygroscopic, meaning that they regulate a building’s humidity

Eco Materials Online is a division of Marmox (UK) Ltd, but operates separately in as much that it specialises only in the supply of sustainable and ecological building materials. Hence the accessories on the site – washers and sealants – offer the reliability of the Marmox name.

The new website also features links to sales advice and customer services, as well as contacts and delivery details, returns and the ability to register and login to personal accounts.