The rise of the garden room in a post-pandemic landscape-Rooms2U finds 72% of people are looking to buy ‘extra space’ in next six months

Living, working and leisure have all been rooted in the home since lockdown, more so than ever before for generations of people. For those seeking a true balance, flexible accommodation for families to work, unwind and play is a top priority. However, while the property market has boomed since lockdown eased, as people look to move – whether for more living space or access to green space – new consumer research from rooms2u has found that 72 per cent of people they surveyed have recognised an immediate requirement for extra space that needs addressing within the next six months.

Grant Price, Managing Director of Rooms2U, says: “There’s no doubt that the demand for garden buildings is on the rise because people need extra living and work space; it would be near impossible to find someone whose way of life hasn’t been impacted over the course of the last six months. The remote working trend is showing no sign of slowing down; as people prove they’re able to work efficiently from home, businesses are finding less need for large-scale rentable office spaces. But that doesn’t mean working from your dining table or sofa is sustainable. Dedicated space is important for efficiency, wellbeing and motivation; there still needs to be a separation between living space and work space – people are starting to acknowledge that this is the ‘new normal’ and to seek solutions.”

Room2u’s survey also showed that 60 per cent of people indicated ‘lack of space’ is causing family pressure during the pandemic and 75 per cent stated extra living space could/would ease the strain.

According to Google, searches for garden rooms have doubled during the pandemic*. Rooms2U is the only one-stop marketplace where you can find, review and compare a wide range of garden rooms, garden offices, log cabins and other garden buildings from vetted suppliers; it continues to see an increasing level of enquiries even as lockdown has eased.

Grant Price continues: “Rooms2U is a hub for a range of garden buildings that provide a quick and easy solution to the need for additional work or living space. Despite the stamp duty holiday, not everyone can afford to move home and upsize to a property which will give them the same amount of room that a garden room might for the difference in price. Equally, these products are also ideal for those who don’t want the long-term disruption that comes with building an extension, not to mention the uncertainty around a potential planning application. As a result we have seen significant growth in our social media following and visitors to our marketplace and blog.”

The modern garden rooms listed with Rooms2R don’t usually require planning permission, ensuring that buyers stay within the rules for permitted development relating to height, use and space.

Grant Price says: “As flexible living becomes the norm, so does the demand for flexible solutions. These garden buildings aren’t just a practical answer to the need for extra space, they enable work and home to be properly separated and household dynamics improved as a result; your home can return to being a home and somewhere in which you can relax; work is work and creating some distance – even by just a few yards – is good for one’s health and mental wellbeing.”