The quickest way to book a plumber in Bournemouth

Creating a pros and cons list of every plumber in the area would be great if you have the luxury of time. Unfortunately, plumbing problems happen at the most unexpected of times, usually when you’re having a stressful week at work. Many daily tasks revolve around having a decent plumbing system, so it is understandable to want someone who can take care of it immediately.

Plumbingforce can be your one-stop-shop for your plumbing needs, from your leaky pipes to toilet blockages. From London’s busy streets to the coastal towns around Dorset, they have Gas Safe registered plumbers who can respond to your urgent requests.

Different Ways You Can Find Bournemouth Plumbers

While there might be a shortage of trade workers and plumbers in small towns and counties, it shouldn’t be a problem in a city as large as Bournemouth. The seaside resorts, vacation hotels, and water-related attractions need a steady supply of plumbing work, so you should have plenty of options. Here are some of the different ways you can quickly find a plumber:

Call Your Go-To Plumber

After a couple of jobs, it is easy to build rapport with your plumber and simply call them whenever something pops up. After all, who knows your plumbing system better than they do? The problem with only having one go-to plumber is managing the job without them. If they are busy with something else or they move away, you are left at the lurch.

Go With Your Family and Friends Recommendations

When you don’t have a go-to plumber, it is easy to follow your friend’s and family’s recommendations. It might not be your ideal service, but at least you can trust them to get the job done. You won’t have to worry about sky-high prices and phoney scams.

The issue with blindly following a family/friend’s recommendation is that you don’t know their criteria for selecting a plumber. What might be okay for them might not be the same for you, and do you really want to risk that?

Take A Chance On Google’s Ads

While the last place you want to look for a curated list is online, you can get the information you want, quick and easy. Now it is just a matter of being able to narrow down your selection. If you have your location turned on, Google ads will direct you to relevant services in the surrounding areas. However, working with an algorithm has its pitfalls as well.

The main con of going for these Googles ads is that it doesn’t necessarily present the best service. These ads are a paid spot, so you may never know what you are getting until your plumber starts working.

See, it was never a question of finding a plumber in Bournemouth. There are plenty of ways you can get a plumber quickly, but there is always a compromise. The best way to find one is to work with a reliable plumbing company.

What Should I Look For When Choosing A Plumber?

When you are looking for plumbers in Bournemouth, Plumbingforce can be the go-to service. You can depend on them to deliver the top 5 qualities every plumber should have:

Decent Coverage Area

Whenever you look for a plumbing service it is best to have one that is local to your area. Avoid companies that are based too far away without a proper system in place to accommodate your area.

For example, a plumbing company in the middle of Dorchester might include Poole and Bournemouth as a part of their coverage area. However, they either overcharge or do not provide proper services. Adding the surrounding areas can be a marketing tactic that does not give you anything in return. When you check their coverage area, it should be within a decent range.

The benefit of a local professional service is that they know the common reasons for wear and tear based on similar jobs in the neighbourhood. They can easily find the right solution for issues that are unique to Bournemouth and can present a more level headed answer.

For example, the town is a hard water area. That can increase the wear and tear of pipes. Most plumbers know that, but only the locals know how bad it can get. Bournemouth has a water hardness level of 278.30 ppm, which is in the ‘very hard’ range (180 ppm and upwards). You may have to deal with limescale build up in your taps, shower head, and even your boiler.

Comprehensive Services

It is always best to work with a company that caters to all kinds of problems. Whether you have a general plumbing issue like a blockage or something more specialised like sealing a leak, it is nice to call one number and know that they can have someone on the case.

So what do comprehensive services look like? Your plumbing company should be able to take care of your taps, shower, toilets, pipework, drainage systems, and low water pressure problems. However, they are not just limited to water-related tasks. They should also be able to take care of your central heating system, which includes servicing your boiler, radiator, gas appliances, and flues. Considering the different types and models available on the market, only the best plumbers can consistently provide the same service.

With a professional team, you can call them for anything, boiler repair, boiler installation, drain clearance, power flushing, and any other plumbing emergency. Whether it is a regular flushing toilet or a saniflo, an oil-burning boiler, or a condensing boiler–your tradesperson should be ready for anything.

Qualified Plumbers and Technicians

When it comes to trade work, you should look for more than a regular 2-3 years experience in vocational training. Most trade workers hone their skills on the job and keep them up by participating in additional workshops and the like. Keep an eye out for large companies that try to develop their employees. Considering the development of tech and integration of smart appliances in homes (smart thermostats, toilets, etc.), look for plumbers and engineers that know how to handle these new additions.

When you are looking for a plumber, make sure they are Gas Safe registered. The Gas Safe Register works hard to regulate those who work with gas-related appliances. With gas leaks and carbon monoxide poisoning still being an issue in this day and age, they enforce proper safety measures. They regularly conduct workshops and inspect the practices of GSR companies.

Plumbingforce is a registered company that only works with experienced plumbers and Gas Safe registered engineers. For good measure, you can double-check the qualifications of the company and technicians on the GSR database.

Competitive Prices

Even with all a highly skilled team, your plumber should be competitively priced. Especially given your long-term partnership, with annual boiler maintenance and clogged drains, plumber services can easily add up. Before you work with a plumbing company, get quotes for different jobs. You can do this by sending an enquiry online or contacting their customer service representative.

Raving Reviews

For the most part, you should look for plumbers and engineers that have the technical know-how, so you have them in and out in no time. However, you cannot discount the human element. No one wants to work with a plumber who comes on the job sloshed or presents anti-social behaviour. Professionalism is key.

The easiest way you can find out about their character is by checking the reviews. Other people’s experience with the service can be very telling. While the issues may depend from house to house, the plumber/technician’s attitude is something they can control. Try reading local reviews and see if their plumbers in Bournemouth are people you want to be working with, long-term.

When you need an emergency plumber urgently, you can simply turn to Plumbingforce. It is a nation-wide company that works with local plumbers and heating engineers in the area. They are an authorised Worcester Bosch installer and a Gas Safe registered company. Should you need new installations or repairs, we also provide Bournemouth residents with a same day service for emergency issues. If you need to have something done as soon as possible, they are the best service for the job.