The greener gas

Calor explains the benefits of using new, renewable BioLPG in your rural selfbuild home.

If you’re building on or looking for a plot that has no access to mains gas, one of your main considerations will be what fuel you’re going to use for heating, hot water, and cooking.

LPG is increasing in popularity among rural selfbuilders, as it can be used for heating and hot water, as well as for cooking and fuelling gas fires – just like mains gas.

LPG is already the cleanest fossil fuel available to off-grid homes, emitting 20% less carbon than heating oil. However, by opting for new BioLPG, available exclusively from Calor, you can reduce your carbon footprint from home heating even further.

With BioLPG you can now benefit from gas in your home, whilst also doing your bit towards a greener, cleaner project. BioLPG is identical to standard LPG but is created from a mix of renewable and sustainably sourced raw materials.

Even better, as BioLPG has the same chemical composition as conventional LPG it works with standard LPG systems, boilers and appliances, which are often more cost-effective to install than many renewable systems.

Storage options
When it comes to onsite fuel storage, there are a range of storage options for LPG that are more discreet than some alternatives.

Gas storage tanks can be buried underground to maximise garden space and not spoil the aesthetics of your build. This means the only thing that is visible in your garden is a green cover in the grass, which provides access for a delivery driver for when it’s time for a top-up.

Alternatively, four packs of cylinders are available in a protective housing, if you’re building on a smaller plot with limited outdoor space, or have restricted access for deliveries. Whatever your house type, Calor’s specialist teams will help you find the best solution for your build and requirements.

It can also cost less than you think to install an LPG system as LPG boilers are often cheaper to install and maintain than many other options. Calor also retains ownership of the tank and takes care of its maintenance too, so you don’t need to worry about the upkeep of an onsite fuel tank.

To learn more about Calor and BioLPG for your selfbuild, visit or call 0800 121 4531.