The Basement Information Centre is part of the Better Built Housing Hub at the Build Show

Anyone thinking of going underground with their build project needs to visit the Basement Information Centre on Stand B255. The exhibit is part of the Better Built Housing Hub, in the Build Show, part of UK Construction Week at the NEC from 9-11 October. The Basement Information Centre provide guidance on materials, design and construction, as well as a useful display to help explain different waterproofing solutions, essential to basement construction.

There will also be an informative seminar session on Tuesday 9th October to provide guidance on planning, structural waterproofing as well as a session that helps designers navigate the requirements of structural waterproofing and ground gases.

The seminar session starts at 2.30pm with Planning a Basement, presented by senior architect at The Concrete Centre, Elaine Toogood. Elaine is author of The Concrete Centre guide Basements for Housing. Elaine will then chair the session and will welcome waterproofing design specialist Michael Vernon of Delta Membranes, and member of the Basement Information Centre, as well as Ben Crowther, technical manager at GGS, experts in ground gases.

Kevin Dodds, chairman of the Basement Information Centre adds “With the need to assess the site conditions at the early stage of a project, architects and developers are seeking advice on structural waterproofing and now also ground gases. However, the complex number of scenarios and a lack of synergy between BS 8102 and BS 8485 means that the advice isn’t simple.

Being part of the Hub and UK Construction Week, the Basement Information Centre aims to help designers, constructors and homeowners to achieve the best quality, high performance basement and navigate any challenges alo ng the way.”

The Basement Information Centre Seminar Session
Part of the Better Built Housing Hub, Seminar Theatre, Stand B251 – Build Show, UK Construction Week, 9 October 2018

14.30 Planning a basement – Elaine Toogood, Senior Architect, The Concrete Centre

This presentation will help navigate you through the site investigations, planning requirements and building regulations for basement construction including key factors such as daylight, ventilation and means of escape. Elaine is author of Basements for Housing.

14.50 Structural waterproofing for basements – Michael Vernon, Waterproofing Design Specialist, Delta Membranes, on behalf of the Basement Information Centre

Whether you are working on a new-build project or converting a basement, installing a robust basement waterproofing system is vitally important for protecting the structure against water ingress. This presentation will provide essential guidance for design detailing and construction. It will also provide an overview of the different types of basement and waterproofing options and when to use them.

15.10 Managing ground gases and structural waterproofing in basements – Ben Crowther, Technical Manager, GGS

When building below ground the requirement to protect structures against water ingress is key (BS 8102). However, the potential for the penetration of ground gases must also be assessed (BS 8485). The ideal scenario is to use a solution that will protect against both water and ground gases. This presentation will help to navigate what can be complex design considerations with a simple game of BS 8102 vs BS 8485 “Top Trumps”.

15.30 Q&A and close
Considering a partially or fully underground living space may be the best way to get the most from your plot, either by providing useful additional space, facilitating planning approval or to cope with level changes on a site. Basements can provide comfortable day-lit rooms, with natural ventilation and external access that can make the perfect gym, music room, home office or swimming pool. Find out more and visit The Basement Information Centre on Stand B255.