NaCSBA launches online Custom and Self-build Toolkit

Promoted at the NaCSBA Council Leader Downing Street Summit the new website carries advice about self-building to help councils support and advance custom build sites. The Toolkit is the culmination of the NaCSBA’s 12-month nationwide research and development programme, led by NaCSBA R&D team leader Mario Wolf.

The online toolkit is aimed at anyone ­­interested in custom and self-build, with the remit to remove some of the barriers to growth through sharing information. Councils, developers, builders, housing associations and community groups are all expected to benefit, with the extensive content covering a range of site models, the practicalities of bringing developments forwards and UK and foreign case studies.

Speaking about the Toolkit, Kevin McCloud MBE, Chair of HAB Housing and presenter of Grand Designs said:

“The new Toolkit will help councils understand the numerous ways they can facilitate more opportunities. It will also be invaluable to housing associations, communities that want to build together and to small builders and developers that are keen to support this emerging sector.”