M-TRAY® modular sedum solution from Wallbarn provides an instant and truly sustainable green roof

Construction of green roofs, whilst gaining popularity, is often a problem for installers without specific landscaping skills. What is more, traditional roll-out sedum blankets are easily damaged, often contain poor substrates making them prone to die-back. They can also affect drainage systems and risk damage to roof membranes.

The M-Tray®’s 100mm deep modular design helps with rainwater attenuation and can be used as part of SUDS. Up to 50 per cent of rainwater is absorbed and run-off into drains is delayed by approximately an hour. This reduces flash flooding and makes water collection and storage much easier.

All the necessary substrate, drainage and filtration elements are correctly measured and pre-loaded into the specially designed plastic modules. A carefully selected variety of sedum is then grown in the trays at Wallbarn’s dedicated nursery and supplied as mature, fully-established plants.

The modules can be carried by hand – ensuring no mess during installation – and simply clip together with the plants quickly blending to form a seamless and long-lasting green roof which will attract butterflies and bees.

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