Kitchen manufacturer, DKG Group, achieves CSR Performance Ladder, level four

The DKG Group, the organisation behind the successful Keller Kitchens brand, has obtained a level four certificate on the CSR Performance Ladder; a first for the kitchen industry.

The CSR Performance Ladder is a management system and certification standard for Corporate Social Responsibility. With the help of 33 CSR indicators, an organisation can continually evolve and, with the right balance between “People, Planet and Profit”, practise sustainable entrepreneurship.

With the achievement of level three on the CO2 Performance Ladder, Keller has demonstrated that the company is actively working on reducing CO2 emissions within the organisation. This has created a perfect foundation for the company’s ambition to achieve an additional level on the CSR Performance Ladder. Level four on the CSR Performance Ladder also involves a role outside the organisation and intensive collaboration with stakeholders in the chain.

Toine van Rooij explains,

“We are the first and only kitchen manufacturer in Europe to apply a carbon-neutral production process. We are developing a circular kitchen which results from the high-quality recycling of our old kitchens. In addition, our fleet of vehicles will be fully electric by 2020.”

As Chief Operating Officer (COO) of DKG Holding, he is the chairman of the CSR working group.

The organisation also distinguishes itself among other industry peers. DKG Group employs 30 people with a distance to the labour market. Every year, 40 traineeships are offered on vocational training courses. Together, this is approximately five per cent of the total number of employees (social return on investment). The composition of the Supervisory Board was renewed in March 2018. With the arrival of three women, the Supervisory Board now consists of three women and two gentlemen.

Toine van Rooij, COO of DKG Holding and chairman of the CSR working group, concludes,

“With our sustainable entrepreneurship, we want to make a difference within our sector and beyond. Our certificate at level four now confirms that we are taking the right steps forward”.

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