iDecking, a revolutionary new way to fit high quality composite and tropical hardwood decking

Our patented EasyClick system has a novel fixing mechanism meaning no screws, no hidden fixings, clips or timber joists are required. The decking boards are manufactured with grooves on the underside, which click into special mounting clips secured onto aluminium battens. Installation is simply a matter of stamping down on the boards, making installation up to five times faster than traditional methods. What is more the whole system including boards and aluminium rails is only 52mm high. So tight door thresholds and additional layers of insulation are easily accommodated.

EasyClick uses eco-friendly DURO EXCELLENCE composite material made of recycled rice husks and virgin PVC. Rice husks are a complete waste material which would otherwise be burnt. Therefore, CO2 emissions and pollution are reduced. The material is extremely strong, hardwearing and resistant to moisture and insect damage. DURO EXCELLENCE has superior slip resistance. It is designed to provide a long-term, luxurious finish and is available in a range of colours and a selection of step profiles and framing pieces in the same material is available for specific detailing.

With our EasyChange solution the boards are installed onto similar aluminium rails but the clips are mobile so the boards can be removed to access the surface beneath for maintenance purposes. Once closed, the clips keep the boards securely in place. EasyChange is also the ideal solution for cladding.

iDecking won the Innovation of the Year award at Domotex in Hanover in 2016 and 2017.

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