How to treat your oak doors

Oak doors can make a lovely addition to any home, no matter whether you are living a traditional style property or a modern one.

Oak doors are an investment piece that will add value to your home, as well as being aesthetically pleasing, and so for this reason, it is important that you ensure they are well taken care of. If you are looking to renovate your home or just make some minor upgrades which new oak doors fit into, then be sure to carry on reading. Our tips will help you make the most out of your new oak doors so they last!

How to Treat Oak Doors
If you are going to be purchasing a new oak door to be used externally, then ensuring that it is treated is absolutely vital for its longevity. The key here is to think about what environment your doors will be subjected too when you are deciding how to treat them. Most doors will be supplied just as bare wood, so you must protect the door from the horrid British weather with a varnish or seal.

However, if you are buying the doors to be used internally, then you may want to instead think of treating them with wax as this gives a beautiful finish and will look fantastic in your home. The only downside to using wax is that it will not last as long as other treatment methods. This is why we would not recommend it for any oak doors that you may be purchasing to use externally. Another great option to use for internal oak doors is varnish, however, you will need to consider whether or not it is being exposed to sunlight.

When you are looking to treat oak doors, it is also important to think about the finish that you would like it to have. Wax treatments will preserve the existing colour, whereas varnish adds a gorgeous shine. You can also purchase tints which add a good stain to the wood and this brings out the grain better.

If you look at websites such as UK Oak Doors, you can find oak internal doors along with oils, waxes and paints to help maintain them. If you’re not sure what product to get, make use of the live chat option available and ask for some advice. This can all be done through the following this link:

Stains for Oak Doors
External Oak doors are prone to be affected by rain and sun and so you may need to stain them once every so often to give them a new lease of life. To do this, you will need to strip off any varnish (which you can learn how to do at here) or finish still remaining on the door and then give it a scrub with a wood reviver. You can then treat it with a clear wood preservative and finally, finish off by adding your new stain. You should also be aware that even a clear coating will give your oak a little bit of colour so if you want to retain its natural look then you can by adding a small amount of white to the topcoat.

It is important that you test this out first on a small, rarely seen part of the door as different woods require different amounts of white to clear tip coat to achieve the best results!