How to give guests the best first impression of your new home

If you want to instantly wow your guests when they visit your new home for the first time, there are so many tips and tricks that you can do to achieve that. Here are a few ways that you can give your guests the best first impression of your new home.

One of the best ways to showcase your gorgeous new house is to light it up and highlight its brilliant architectural features. LED floodlights can easily allow you to do just that. You have the option to choose from symmetrical and asymmetrical floodlight types. Symmetrical floodlights light up a general area, whereas asymmetrical floodlights focus on one specific point. If there is a feature of your house that you are particularly proud of then an asymmetrical floodlight would be perfect for highlighting it.

Front Garden Plants
Planting some plants and flowers in your front garden will make a lovely welcome for your guests and also for you too. You could plant them in the ground or if you don’t have any grass/soil then having a few pots and maybe even a trellis or two will add a sense of homeliness before you’ve even stepped a foot through the door.

Allowing your guests to be greeted by a beautiful scent when they walk through the door will instantly give them a great first impression of the inside of the house. People do tend to remember a bad smell in someone’s house, so instead, make sure to introduce them to a gorgeous aroma. There are many ways to do this, room diffusers are a great option for a long-lasting constant pleasant smell. Scented candles are another good option that will also add an elegant, cosy feel to the home. Wax melts are another great way to fill a room with a scent of your choice.

As you are starting to settle into your new home, make sure you aren’t unnecessarily cluttering each room. Having an uncluttered, tidy home is so good for the mind and will also allow your guests to properly appreciate your beautiful new home without being distracted by mess and clutter. There are so many great storage solutions available nowadays, vintage crates and boxes are great for storage, they also look very stylish too. You could always opt for built-in storage; if you have space under the stairs, it can make a great space for storage.

Having some snacks ready to go when your guests come over enforces that cosy, homely feeling even further. Having some crisps and nuts on the coffee table in the lounge will make your guests feel very welcome and relaxed. You could even bake some sweet treats before they come in, so they are greeted by a wonderful smell as well as some delicious homemade goods.

Use these tips and tricks to make your home feel inviting and welcoming; your friends and family will leave your new house with the best first impression.